Josh Ritter


Can’t wait to hear it. He’s on the world cafe right now.


The guitar solo in Old Black Magic sounds like Springsteen ca. 1978.


Do you think it’s Isbell Or Sadler Vaden?


I love this album. I’ve been playing it all week on the way to work.


I was assuming Isbell, but I didn’t think of Sadler Vaden. Which reminds me of one of my favorite pictures.


What did you say your name was, Jason? That’s a nice name. What do you do Jason, play guitar? I like to play guitar too. Where am I?




I love Gash Ritalin!


And here I thought that you didnt’t folk music.


I still don’t folk music.


I want to see Josh again… This video is great!


I’m pretty excited for two Josh Ritter shows in September a few days apart. Free show in Louisville on the great lawn along the river and then The Ryman!! :blush:


Come meet me in Nashville! There were still seats available last I checked.


Currently looking at St. Louis, but Sept 28th is a possibility. Let me see what I can do. :grinning:



I happened to check If Jason Isbell has a show the night Josh plays the Ryman, and he doesn’t. It’d be the perfect show for him to drop in. :+1:t2:


Digging the new album. Definitely my fave since So Runs The World Away. Not sure if it’s his regular band on the new one, but I like the arrangements more than his last few albums.


I guess you didn’t see the first post.
This album was produced by Jason Isbell and he and the 400 Unit are Josh’s backing band on the album.


That’s kinda what I was assuming but wasn’t sure