Justin Townes Earle


I saw him at the Troubadour last night. He was amazing. Great showman


I love the new album. He did a mix of old and new songs. I bought a cool tshirt


He did a lot of hilarious banter and jumped into the audience during the encore and danced with some fans. Gives me hope for where the music scene is.


I’m really glad to hear this. The last several shows of his that we saw he was in a terribly morose mood. It was really unpleasant to be there. I missed his last show here in Chicago, but I’ll check him out next time.


He had a dark sense of humor and told some funny stories and went off on a little political tangent about the three strikes law and drug enforcement


I love the new album too. It’s a great recording sound-wise and he’s really grown into his delivery.


I don’t mind that at all, but he seemed kind of angry to be there the last couple of times we saw him.


I’m sure he was on his best behavior since it’s the Troubadour


He did a show at the Kalamazoo public library several years ago. I never heard about it until it had passed. I like his music.


His first couple of tours with Cory Younts were really great.


The opening act Johnny Two Bags was good too