Kathleen Edwards thread


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Her streamed show yesterday was great. Lots of music, a little interview. Good stuff.


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Full 2008 show. Loved that tour.



i saw this! it’s great :slight_smile:


I wish she went on tour with a dobro player!




We’re off to see the opening show of her tour in a couple of hours!


yay! god i’d love for her to come out to montana again. she is a great act


My show is next Saturday the 18th. :heartpulse:


So, I liked the show, but it was a bit rough in places. The sound wasn’t that great. Way too much bass in the mix, to the point that it vibrated in your head some of the time. She was nervous as hell, and you could tell. It was definitely a first show of the tour. That said, again, I liked it. By the time she hits Louisville, she’ll be firing on all cylinders.



Just got back home from the Kathleen Edwards show. It was awesome. She killed it and so did her band.

Her voice was so perfect it made me shed a little tear of joy. Just beautiful.

She spoke about how much she liked playing in Louisville and at Headliners in particular.

I’ve only ever seen her once as an opener a few years ago and she only did a few songs. So this was a treat. Got a cool shirt too.