Latest vinyl purchases


I try to limit myself a bit because it’s probably a waste of money.

Most recently I caved in and bought this for $10 (+$17 shipping, ouch)

This Side Up - EP by Phil Cook

This weekend I’m eyeing Disintegration by the Cure. I freakin love that album so much

An original pressing of course. I hate the reissues or remastered versions of any record


In the last few months I got:

Bon Iver- 22, A Million, For Emma Forever Ago and Bon Iver
Madrugada- Grit
Social Distortion- White Light, White Heat, White Lies
Death Grips- Bottomless Pit, Exmilitary, Fashion Week
Wu Tang Clan- Enter The Wu Tang
James Vincent McMorrow- Post Tropical, We Move


That’s awesome. I would never have checked you for being so eclectic . Booya!


This is my most recent vinyl purchase.


I’m liking your early 70s vibes


Off topic already but if you have any motivation, subscribe to this guy on YouTube

He/she always posts exotic albums from the 60s and 70s. Deep deep picks, people.

This is a recent post I liked a lot

Mostly I’ve never heard before

He/she’s what’s good about the internet


Yeah, I’m all over the place.


By far, the one I spin over and over again is the Madrugada album.

Btw, is a great resource for vinyl junkies. VERY reasonable pricing and they ship fast.


What’s the actual name of the Madrugada record?


Grit. Sorry.

MADRUGADA -Norwegian Hammerworks Corps. is excellent too as well also.


Miles Davis-Tutu
Emmylou Harris-Red Dirt Girl
Jaco Pastorius-Anthology
Otis Redding-Otis Blue mono/ stereo versions


I’m 3 tracks in on Grit and I’m liking it


Just wait until you hear Majesty. <3


Past few weeks:


I think everybody should own that Herb Alpert album.


Industrial Silence is a great album too.


Ha, I’ve probably seen it at every thrift store I’ve been in, but I found this one still in the plastic for 99 cents, so I had to grab it.


I think everyone does.



I mostly swerve reissues and try to just stick to new albums on vinyl.
This week I pre ordered the new Mark Eitzel and Grandaddy albums on vinyl.