Latest vinyl purchases


That’s pretty fucking awesome regardless. I see that Williams is some kind of oil man who ran for governor of Texas once.


He’s a total dick.


I picked up the new Dan Auerbach disc today.

It’s on thick blue vinyl and came with a poster.

Getting back into vinyl I guess, don’t tell the Mrs.




It’s a lie, I already own it on vinyl, but everyone should hear it.


What’s that one called?


it’s called ‘Boz Scaggs’.


Thanks. I see what he did there


“Boz Scaggs is the second album by Boz Scaggs; it was released in 1969. After two years with the Steve Miller Band, Scaggs once again set out on his own, recording at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama. The other musicians on the album include Duane Allman, Eddie Hinton, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Beckett, David Hood, Roger Hawkins and Al Lester. It was produced by Rolling Stone founder and editor Jann Wenner, Scaggs and Marlin Greene.”


You’ll notice it has David Hood, Patterson’s (from DBT) dad. Like so many Muscle Shoals albums.


I’m looking forward to checking this one out


Lido Shuffle aside (which was a great song), that older album is full of soulful blues nuggets.


I have that album on vinyl too.

Somebody Loan Me A Dime is Skydog at his very best.


Sometimes the best vinyl isn’t the newest vinyl.


is that joaquin phoenix in a dress?


Finally on my stack and I can’t tell you how happy I am

Sounds so amazing

What a record


My first album by the chairman.

Also-the first Blood, Sweat & Tears, Donald Fagan - Nightfly, Spencer Davis Group, Jim Capaldi, Jay Furgason, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show.

A couple of them aren’t true Stereo, but the lablels tout the quality of “rechannelled to simulate stereo”.


*Note: I think he’s seated in Grim’s Chair.


Good eye.