Live concert game. Just play! ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ


Bad Brains.


Elliott Smith?


Nope. Or yep, I saw him.


Iโ€™ve never seen The Rolling Stones. Same deal, have had an opportunity but didnโ€™t act on it. I hope Iโ€™ll still get a chance but I may not.

  1. rolling stones
  2. eric clapton
  3. mark knopfler
  4. ryan adams
  5. bruce springsteen
  6. kenny loggins


It was an amazing show at Liberty Lunch in Austin, TX.

Very loud show at the Norva in Norfolk, VA. Also, in the summer. Moz threw his sweat drenched shirt into the crowd halfway through the set.


Rolling Stones




Eric Clapton.


Peter Gabriel
Faith No More
Elton John
Social Distortion
Lucinda Williams


Elton John


Damn it


I also saw him at the Norva circa Cold Roses with the tall guitarist (canโ€™t recall his name) and Kat Popper.


Iโ€™d bet Willie Cashโ€™s beard this is a lie.


Third Eye Blind
Bon Iver
Jethro Tull
No Doubt
Wild Nothing




My first concert ever as an 8 year old


No doubt?


Jason Isbell
Brandi Carlile
Matthew Sweet
Meat Puppets


Brandi Carlile