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Mind if I join u?


Already finished. Maybe next time.




Ray LaMontagne announced a new album and a summer tour with Neko Case.


Love Neko Case.


I’ve seen him a couple times. He didn’t have any stage presence but man can he sing and play. Sweet Potato Pie is still one of my favorite albums.


Agreed on the stage presence.

He said “Thank you so very much” after every single song - usually twice. That’s about all he had to say.

He is a terrific vocalist and guitarist though. Blues concerts in general can get to be a little bit boring sometimes as all the songs kind of start to sound the same. I was a little disappointed he only did one song off Strong Persuader.

Really impressive guitarist- he didn’t use any pedals or effects that I saw, just a fantastic tone that is all his.


My Morning Jacket just finished their vacation getaway “One Big Holiday” three night run in the Dominican Republic.

Night one they played two sets: their first two albums cover to cover. The Tennessee Fire and At Dawn.

Night two they played their 3rd and 4th albums cover to cover. It Still Moves and Z.

Last night they played their 5th, 6th and 7th albums. Evil Urges, Circuital and The Waterfall. Plus a two song encore.

They literally played every song for the fans. Wish I had been there! :palm_tree:


That’s awesome.

They are a truly great band.


yo y’all

check this out


Just a fascinating 3 hours of music and banter.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
November 16, 2004
Sokol Auditorium
Omaha, NE

Taped/Transferred/Mastered: Joel Swaney(
Source: SBD
Lineage: SBD > Sony M1-DAT > M-Audio 2496(Digital) > Sound Forge 7.0 > WAV > FLAC(8)

Disc I
[Heartbreaker Phase]
01 To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
02 My Winding Wheel
03 Come Pick Me Up
04 AMY
05 Why Do They Leave?
06 Oh My Sweet Carolina
[Gold Phase]
07 Harder Now That It’s Over
08 When The Stars Go Blue
09 New York, New York
10 The Rescue Blues
11 SYLVIA PLATH (aborted)
12 La Cienega Just Smiled

Disc II
[Demolition Phase]
01 Band Intros
02 Chin Up, Cheer Up
03 Dear Chicago (acoustic)
04 Dear Chicago (electric)
[Love Is Hell Phase]
05 This House Is Not For Sale
06 Love Is Hell
07 Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
08 Please Do Not Let Me Go
[Rock ‘N Roll Phase]
09 This Is It
10 Wish You Were Here > Slayer Riff
11 Wish You Were Here (punk version)

Disc III
[Mixed Phase]
01 Belly Button/Toby Keith
02 Magnolia Mountain
03 Lovesick Blues (aborted)
04 I Still Miss Someone
05 Wonderwall
06 Call Me On Your Way Back Home
07 Jacksonville Skyline
08 Learn To Love

Ryan Adams (Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Harmonica)
J.P. Bowersock (Guitar / Mandolin / Background Vocals)
Cindy Cashdollar (Lap Steel / Resonator Guitar / Background Vocals)
Brad Pemberton (Drums)
Catherine Popper (Bass / Background Vocals)


Here’s what I have coming up. Don’t think I’ve ever heard Alvvays but I go to the stuff Steve wants me to.

April 13 - Built To Spill/Afghan Whigs in Indianapolis
April 25 - As The Crow Flies in Lexington
April 28 - Alvvays in Bloomington
May 5 - Wussy in Cincinnati
June 12 - Jackson Browne in Louisville
June 22 - Steve Malkmus in Louisville
July 25 - Radiohead in Cincinnati


I want to see Afghan Whigs but not Built to Spill. They bored the f out of me last time.


I saw built to spill like two years ago and it was fun. Don’t know afghan Whigs. What album or two should I get?


For sure Gentlemen. It’s excellent. Dulli’s voice isn’t for everyone for sure. Black Love second.


Wait! I’ll see if I can drop them. I’m going to my kids concert tonight so I’ll try not to forget.


ok thanks. I’ll find if you can’t. :slightly_smiling_face::kissing_heart:


Marcus King playing with As The Crow Flies, right?

Got tickets to see him in May.