Live Music Thread


Snarky Puppy is coming to the Gilmore Keyboard Festival here in Kalamazoo in a few weeks. I’m thinking about checking them out. Anybody familiar with their music?


Yes, actually. They’re like a jam band but funky and more jazz influenced. Mainly instrumental with guest vocalists. The piano player is just ridiculous. Not my thing but I think I’d go just to be impressed with the insane musicianship.


Yeah, I listened to one of their records that was all instrumental. Very good, complicated jazz/big band fusion stuff.

I used to be really into this kind of music, but not so much anymore.

I’ve seen many concerts in this basic style over the years, but I guess I just don’t want to spend the money on that show at this point.


I was just watching them on youtube the other day.
Not my thing, either. But they were fun to watch.


Going to see Built to Spill and Afghan Whigs tonight in Indy.


That should be a great show.


Got to see As The Crow Flies last night, Chris Robinson’s new Black Crowes side project. It was awesome.



How was Markus King? I’m seeing him and his band next month.


He was great. Many solos and sang background. really fun show!!


I really want to see the MC50, the MC5 with a couple guests to replace the dead guys. Marcus Durant on vocals, he’s very good (used to be in Zen Guerrilla). IKEAMonkey, they’re playing in Toronto sometime this year.


Yeah, I saw the ad for the show, but it’s a bit of a stretch with just 1 guy from the band.


saw a few shows lately - The Dream Syndicate still sound great, but they have that strummed, distorted guitar sound I love and Steve Wynn never changes. CD from last year is pretty damn good too. I’ve seen Brooklyn’s Acid Dada few times. They don’t reinvent the wheel but it’s high energy psych rock and some pretty good tunes. Saw Damien Jurado do an acoustic show with one other guy backing him. It was great to hear. I prefer him like that and it was a show where you could hear a pin drop just before the song started. 3/3 good shows. And I got a Hold Steady ticket for 1 night of a 4 night stand in September at the Horseshoe Tavern which will be awesome.


I got Liz Phair tickets for September. She’s playing a club here, pretty excited. I’ve only seen her once and it was on the Lilith Fair like 97 or 98.


I’m going to see Marcus King tomorrow night.

Los Lobos is at Bell’s the next night, but I just saw them a year ago and $50-$65 is a little out of my price range… especially with all that Bell’s beer I’d drink.


Really good show last night with Marcus King.

Exceptional guitar player and good vocalist too. The horn section really fit well to his music and the keyboard player was really funky. The band was really versatile, playing a lot of jazz, R&B and the occasional pedal steel guitar too.


We decided last minute to go see Wye Oak tonight. I don’t think I’ve even heard them but Steve likes what he’s heard and why not? Plus they’re from Baltimore. And playing at a really small venue here that we love.


For my friends overseas, a Cincinnati band we go see as often as possible is touring Europe right now. Check them out if you can. Wussy. Steve absolutely loves them. They’re more of an alternative rock band, kinda 90’s sound. London show this week:


Got tickets for Dylan in August .


I’m going to see JJ Grey and Mofro tonight at Bell’s.

Don’t know a thing about them.


They’re fun. I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan but I’ve seen them at Forecastle and liked what I saw. Brighter Days was really the only song I knew.

I think you’ll enjoy it.