Live Music Thread


Fantastic show. Those guys put on a high-energy show and have a great fan following. JJ Grey has a set of pipes on him for sure.

Some really good songs. Those guys toiled in the bars for something like 17 years before breaking out… and they are still kind of unknown. The encore was a cover of Wilson Pickett’s Arrangement of Hey Jude.

Warmup band was great too. Freddy and Francine covered Etta James’ I’d Rather Go Blind. And also some great originals.

The Beer Garden at Bell’s brewery is an excellent place to see a show.


Can’t wait to see CRB here later this summer.


That’ll be an even better show. :wink:


Shot this video at the show. Bought this CD from Francine at the merchant table.


I’m jealous. Hope some of you get to see him.

I get to see Steve Poltz tonight. I don’t of any performer I can call a “sure thing” other than this guy. Unfortunately anything you’d You Tube on him doesn’t do him justice. You really have to be in the room. If you can, check him out. I don’t think his shows cost more than 20 bucks.


Seeing theses fellows outside in the park Thursday.


I’m going to see Jackson Browne tomorrow night. First time.


i want a full review.


OH BABY :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I’m pretty excited. Will report back tomorrow.


Really great show. We were basically the youngest people in the crowd. I think it was sold out. We met a couple in line who came from Atlanta bc this was the closest show for them. I feel lucky to have been there. Beautiful venue too where the symphony plays and the sound is excellent. Few songs on my wishlist got played too including Your Bright Baby Blues. They also covered Lawyers, Guns and Money. His band was incredible as well, particularly the guitar player and pedal steel player. Got some videos but I’ll have to upload to YouTube later to post here.


Great. Your Bright Baby Blues is one of my favorites too. Lowell George co-wrote.


Interesting change of words in 2nd verse.




Jackson Browne
June 12, 2018
Whitney Hall
Louisville, KY

Some Bridges
You Love the Thunder
Rock Me on the Water
The Long Way Around
The Dreamer
Lives in the Balance
Sky Blue and Black
Doctor My Eyes
These Days
For a Dancer
Looking East
In the Shape of a Heart
Your Bright Baby Blues
I’ll Do Anything
Somebody’s Baby
Redneck Friend
Never Stop
The Naked Ride Home
Lawyers, Guns and Money
The Pretender
Running on Empty
Take It Easy
Our Lady of the Well


Nice set.


I stopped my gamblin? That’s the I had a lover verse, right? Yeah, interesting.


Yeah. Wonder what that’s all about.