Live Music Thread


I was hoping for Late For The Sky too. But I’m satisfied.

The crowd was mostly people in their 60’s it seemed. We thought it was very amusing that many people gave a standing ovation after every song.


Went to the first day of the Pinkpop festival. Pearl Jam headlining… I’m not a big PJ fan, but this was pretty amazing, really…




We saw Steve Malkmus and The Jicks last night. Tiny venue, sold out show but we were up really close. They were a lot of fun. I never really listened to Pavement but my brother was a fan. Never listened to his solo stuff either but Steve wanted to go. He was very talkative and funny and makes some really interesting noise on his guitar.


Funny text from my brother when I told him I was at the show:


Going to see Dylan in August and Nils Frahm in October .


Tedechi Trucks with DBT’s on Sunday 7/1… going to be hottttttt


For my friends overseas, I highly recommend:


I’m watching Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks perform live on CBS Saturday Morning as we speak.


To me, that seemed like an embarrassingly bad performance. You’d think The ability to cary a tune and/or being able to play their instruments would be a prerequisite to being showcased like that.

Never listened to Pavement… now I surely won’t bother.


We just got Steely Dan tickets. I’ve never seen them. Have to see these older bands now while we still have the chance.


That should be great.


Made sure I got my tickets on time…Rufus Wainwright in April 2019, the All These Poses tour.


2019? What if there are no poses left by then?


I see there is a Gregory A I show booked here in November. Not sure if he has ever played here. $40 seems a bit much, but I don’t have to go far - it’s about a 15 minute walk to the venue.


If you like his music I’d say go!!
If you’re Monkey :monkey: I’d say, stay home.


Not sure about your area, but this week’s Austin City Limits is Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires for the hour in my area. Mine is Saturday at 11pm.


it’s a repeat.


If I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me!


I’m volunteering again this year at the Kalamazoo Blues Festival.


id say go! it’s worth it buddy