Live Music Thread


Entered a contest, forgot all about it, just received a mail telling me that I won: going to see Wolfmother tomorrow!




These two announcements make me very happy!! :blush:


Don’t be, it was excellent.


Tonight: RADIOHEAD!!! :yum:


Radiohead was Amazing. Will definitely be my favorite show of the year.


Pictures didn’t turn out great but I got some good videos I will upload to YouTube and post later.


Awesome. Only saw them once but still in my top 5.







Going to Chris Stapleton this Friday, it’s our 16th wedding anniversary…pretty event to celebrate :slight_smile:


We’ll be in San Diego this Thursday seeing Femi Kuti. I hope he got a new bass player.


I really like “From A Room” part 1… I’ll probably have to get part 2 now.


i think part 2 is the best!


That’s good news, because part one is sticking to my ribs as we speak.


We have a lot coming up! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m excited

9/1: Counting Crows at Riverbend, Cincinnati
9/10: Liz Phair at Headliners, Louisville
9/14: Israel Nash at Zanzabar , Louisville
9/19: John Moreland at Headliners, Louisville
9/22 & 9/23: Bourbon & Beyond, Louisville
10/3: Steely Dan at The Palace, Louisville
10/4: Carl Broemel at Headliners, Louisville
11/8: Tedeschi Trucks at The Palace, Louisville


CRB tonight at Bell’s Beer Garden!

For many years I worked in an old refurbished building right next to Bell’s and we could actually see the Beer Garden stage right out my office window!