Live Music Thread


I’m jealous!! I haven’t seen them since last September. It’s gonna be great. Have fun! And please report back.


Have a great time and if you see Neal, don’t forget to tell him that Christine from Japan says hello! And hurry up and get his butt back over here!!


I enjoyed the show! It was a beautiful night and the band was great.

I think they played three songs off the newest record, that sounded excellent. Played Sweet Virginia for an encore!

Their sound could have been better. Seemed to be a battle between the keyboard player and Neal at times to see who could play louder. My ears are still recovering. I’ve never considered wearing earplugs to a concert, but last night there were times I wish I had them.


I even shot a bad drunken video!


Yes NC! :heart:




Hey, thanks for the heads up.

He’s a really good photographer, definitely worth the follow.


He has a book out, also.
I don’t own it but I heard it’s very good.
I also heard that my name is mentioned in the acknowledgments section or some place like that at the end of the book.


That is very cool. I have the book. Will look for that. :heart:


Love all the pics of CR Neal posted.


I wish I would have gotten some better pictures of Chris. He had on a tie dye sweetheart of the rodeo tee shirt that was awesome.

I like Neal’s shot of the Bell’s door guy with the ‘fro.


Yup, you are there!




So awesome :+1:t2:


so last thursday was nathaniel rateliff…he was fucking awesome.

loved his energy.

tonight is Pearl Jam :slight_smile: my first time seeing them…i have to assume it’s gonna be awesome.


yes, pearl Jam is quite awesome live!! Hope you have fun! :slight_smile:


Phoebe Bridgers tonight…


How was Pearl Jam? :avocado:




Is “Pearl Jam” a euphemism for sperm?

AKA The Lovin’ Spoonful?

Just always been curious.