Live Music Thread


Wow, they closed the show with Indifference!
That’s my favorite PJ song.


I went to a grand opening of a new location of a recording studio in Kalamazoo called LaLuna.

They had a surf band recording live to 12” analog tape in the studio.

Then I went and watched my buddies bluegrass band play. They’ve been together for about 45 years. Great Lakes Grass.


I got to be the live music this weekend. We played Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Looking good, inky! :heart:


Awesome!!! Wish I had been there. :blush:


I love your tiny head.


That was an equipment joke! Bass head. Tiny.


Thank you for noticing. GK MB200. It fits in my cord bag. I’m getting a little 12" next so it doesn’t look so dwarfed.


Counting Crows tonight outside in Cincinnati!


Was a really good show. 25th Anniversary tour so they did a little from each album and had the album artwork on the screens behind them and in lights that came down. Pretty cool.


Jason Isbell this saturday
josh ritter opening


Should be fantastic… maybe they’ll collaborate on a few songs since they’ve been working a lot together in the studio.


would love that :wink:


Have you ever seen josh?
He’s incredible.


When I saw them on one bill a year and a half ago they did not collaborate, but I think now there’s a good chance.




Wow, Rod. Isbell set looks nice. Speed Trap Town! And no Codeine. I’d be real satisfied with that.

How was Josh? Solo?


josh was good. he had a full band.

love his voice and sound of the band. just a really great night and had a blast.

i was DD so i only had two beers all night and none about 3 hours prior to driving :wink:

highlights for me were cover me up, last of my kind, vampires and decoration day


Liz Phair in minutes!!
She packed the house too.