Live Music Thread



next week is leon bridges, luke byran and gregory alan isakov


Israel Nash tomorrow night. Tiny venue. :slightly_smiling_face:


who the fuck is that?


saw The Hold Steady last night - night 2 of a 4 night stand here. Wish I had gone Wednesday, since they played Stay Positive from start to finish. Not that I’m complaining about last night. Most of the set was from their first 3 albums and they are always a blast live. Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore playing together tonight. Any fans of either? I’ve been a fan of DA since The Blasters and I’m a fan of JDG - so this will be a great show for me. They have a CD out that is very good - almost all covers. My favourite is a John Stewart cover, July You’re A Woman. Never heard it before. Great tune.


Love this one of theirs.


Wow! All of that is awesome.


I put his last album in the box like a month ago.
I don’t listen to him but I knew that Kees liked him so I dropped it in the box and listened to a few songs and it was pretty good.

I think it’s gone now but maybe you can un-delete it if you want to hear it(?).


Israel Nash was excellent live. Have you seen him? I got a video I will upload too. Great band and his voice sounds as good live as it does on record.

Only 40 people showed up. Sad for him bc it was his first time playing in Louisville. Cool for us bc we were up close.


Bought a cool tshirt too.



yes, several times. Solo, small band, larger band. From being the next Ryan Adams to what he is now; desert, neil youngish hippie… Glad he didn’t disappoint!


Modest Mouse is going to be here next week at Wings stadium. I’m not in love with the acoustics in that place. I did read that Johnny Marr is in that band - which I had no idea.

I’m tempted… but will likely skip it.


Not sure Marr is still ‘in’ the band…


saw leon bridges last night.
fun show helluva performer

luke bryan tonight. :frowning:
isakov on sunday :slight_smile:


Is the wifey making you go see Luke Bryan?

Life is full of concessions.


We’re going to see John Moreland tonight.
He’s pretty awesome!


she says she has to see all my music and she wants to see a fun country cheese dick cock gobbler country show…

it’ll be fun and i’m looking forward to being out…he’s definitely not my cup of tea though.


I totally get it. My wife has gotten dragged to a few shows she had zero interest in.

Yesterday I asked if she had any interest in seeing Modest Mouse - even though I knew the answer: Who?


well, the pay off is big for me cause i’m taking her to Isakov at the Wilma Theatre
it’s a beauty of a place here and can lend itself to his style of show.

From the stage:

From the balcony where we’ll be, front left: