Live Music Thread


Wow. That looks like quite a venue.



John Moreland was excellent. Just him and another guy who played acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards and harmonica. Moreland on acoustic the whole time. I just love his songs and his voice.

I got some video I will post later.


Also I just got tickets for John Mellencamp in March. I’ve never seen him. He’s playing a theater which holds about 2500 so I am excited. Can’t say I listen to him these days but I loved him as a kid.

Being that we’re about an hour and a half from Bloomington I think it’ll sell out!!


The other guy was John Calvin Abney, probably?



I saw Mellencamp at a free show on his fan appreciation tour stop in Atlanta back in the late 90’s I think.

I was really not a big fan back then, but a couple co-workers showed up with a rent-a-car and said they just heard about his free concert coming up at noon. I jumped in and we went to this park in the middle of kind of the financial district. It was packed with people and we couldn’t get anywhere near the flatbed trailer they used as a stage. He was about 45 minutes late starting and it was all “acoustic” with his band. After about three songs almost everybody just left… they were all in work clothes on their lunch hour and went back to work. After that we just went right up front. All cover songs, like street fighting man and magic bus… I think only one of his own songs. Great concert. I came away from that experience a fan of his. Gonna Buy Me a Chevrolet was my favorite song of the day.

Hope you enjoy the show.


Yes he’s really talented. He came out and did one of his songs with the opening band and then played with John Moreland most of his set. His acoustic guitar playing was pretty beautiful.


he came here w/ bob dylan and played.

he was excellent…dylan was better this 2nd time around but still fucking had about 40 marbles in his mouf…at least he played the guitar…first show he mumbled and sat at a keyboard all night.


Excited for Cherry Bomb! :cherries:


little ditty, 'bout jack and dianne…


GAI & Joshua James rehearsing a springsteen cover that they’d come out and perform for the first encore…they did “dry lightning” and it was fucking the kitties titties.

An incredible show!!! Opener was the new one “Too Far Away” into Big Black Car then Empty Northern then he did 4 new songs in a row.

Highlight of the night was a double encore. He came out w/ joshua james and since it was Springsteen’s b-day they covered “Dry Lightning” together…it was fucking beautiful. He came out again w/ full band for The Stable Song. One of those concerts that just go by too fast and leaves you wanting more.



This concert was held near where I live many, many years ago.


DAMN!!! What a lineup!


Actually joe Cocker and a few other bands didn’t show up, but Rod Stewart and the Faces and a couple other bands filled in.

I was 12 years old and couldn’t go, but I remember wishing I could be there.


Wow! I’d take Faces over Joe Cocker any day.


Video from the John Moreland show I saw.



Isbell tonight. Milk Carton Kids opening, will be missing that on purpose.


I’ve got Steely Dan Wednesday night and Carl Broemel Thursday night. Good week :+1:t2: