Live Music Thread


Good show if a little low energy, comparitively. Took this pic about two blocks away, thought some of you might want to see it. They’ve renamed the street after Heather.


me too.

and those flying burrito bros


Bottle Rockets are here Sunday. Haven’t seen them in maybe 15 years. Opener is Sarah Borges feat Eric Ambel. I know who Eric is, her name sounds familiar.


This sounds really interesting.


@DougoBlue if you are near Spring Lake I guarantee this is a great show.


They’re incredible. Hell of a show!! :guitar:


Great band.

Here’s one that’s getting airplay on my favorite station:


^^ I love that one.

But this is the best thing on YouTube right here:




Just got tickets to see Gregory Alan Isakov at the Fountain Street Church in Grand Rapids in January.

My college graduation was at that venue!


Yes!! So jealous. He isn’t coming anywhere close to me. He’s pretty incredible live!!


It’s a historic venue with great acoustics too. I’m excited about it.

Had to buy tickets through ticketweb, which had never heard of… so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. But i’ll Never purchase tickets from there again. Probably Ticketmaster in disguise.


Seeing Slaves tomorrow night, they’re a shouty two piece from the UK consisting of just drums and guitar, not really my ideal choice but I do drag my GF to enough bands that I figured it was time to let her have her way for once… :grinning:


Hi Gary! Welcome back!

Have fun at the show!


I smell GARY!!




this your first time seeing him?


hey gary!


Yes. Looking forward to the show.

By the way - David Crosby and the Lighthouse band were really good the other night. Great harmonies and a tight backing band. No drummer.

Michael League from Snarky Puppy on guitar, bass and vocals.
Becca Stevens on an assortment of odd instruments that looked like an electric 12-string mandolin, guitars, ukulele and vocals.
Croz on 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars and vocals.
Michelle Willis on keyboards and vocals.

The only thing that pissed me off is they had to search everybody going in the show and wouldn’t let anybody come in that had a purse, satchel or bag. The line stretched half way around the block and took forever and we missed the first couple songs.

I think everybody at the show was white and at least 60… I didn’t mind that’s my demographic. He seemed to genuinely be enjoying this tour and playing with this band. I like the idea of an established musician touring with other musicians that are great in their own right, but largely unheard of… their band is a true collaboration.


Before David Crosby played this song in concert the other night, he told the story behind it - which I hadn’t heard. It was a song written to George Harrison. George and David had been hanging out and he gave George an album by Ravi Shankar… it totally blew his mind and he went to India to learn more. After his return he spoke to David about meeting the Guru Maharishi and how he had changed his life. David wasn’t buying it, but out of respect, he just couldn’t tell him so. Instead he wrote it in a song.

It is so beautiful. One of my all time favorite albums. Love Jerry Garcia’s steel guitar - which I believe he learned just before these sessions.