Live Music Thread


Blackberry Smoke is coming back to the zoo for an acoustic show. I’m planning on getting tickets for this as soon as I can get them from the box office without having to pay Ticketmaster.


I need to do this again… maybe this summer


It’s that second line!!


Saw Dayna Kurtz this afternoon. Saw her thirteen years ago too, she’s even better now.


Saw a great show Friday night. Two bands I never heard beforehand. Both were great:

New Madrid opening for Liz Cooper.


Sadly, I’m blowing off the GAI concert tonight. i’ll Be hanging out at the hospital with my dad. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Hopefully my buddy can use the paid-for ticket I have at will call.


That is unfortunate. I’d love to see him but he wasn’t coming anywhere near me this tour.

Hope your dad is ok. :yellow_heart:


I bought tickets for Death Cab for Cutie yesterday. The show’s not til July. Outdoor amphitheater. Cool spot. Will likely be hot as shit but it’s undercover and at night.


My friend was able to convert my will call ticket, he sounded like he had someone in mind to accompany him.

He might even get laid now!


You’re welcome!


Saw the CRB last night at Thalia Hall in Chicago – it was incredible. The band keeps getting better, and Neal is light years above the last time I saw the band about a year ago. Probably the best show I’ve ever seen, and most psychedelic probably. Great set list:



I saw them in August and they had a completely different set list. Chose a different gem from Exile to cover.


Yup, they’re amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Delines were superb at a free show in Nottingham Rough Trade Records today… Willy was a gent as always.


I went to the London one on 21st. Good show.



Would love to see them if they came around here someday.


In 1992, weeks before I graduated high school, I saw The Cure for the first and only time.
I looked up the set list tonight:



I know, why can’t he bring the good father over to the UK? I’d pay seriously good money for that, love me some Mr Tillman.