Live Music Thread


I’ve got Isbell with Son Volt opening on 4/20 outdoors small venue! :yum:


oh hell yeah. jealous!

so far we are going to see Brandi at the gorge in june and norah jones in july and trying to get tix to gary clark jr for sept


On 4/20 too!

I think that was the date of the original hash bash in Ann Arbor back in the day.




I guess I’ll be going to the Isbell/Misty show.


They’re here in june also. Seeing them in the mighty Paradiso on june 15th!


Yay! :+1:t2:


Not much midwest in there…


No. Isbell is playing two nights in Louisville in April so I didn’t expect him to come around here again this summer.


Bob Mould tonight (if anyone cares). And I am not wearing earplugs.


Highly recommend seeing Phosphorescent if this is possible for you:


I heard that new album of his is really good.


I’m really liking the new one. More melodic than he has been in a long time. Show was great - everything from early Husker Du, through Sugar and up to now. Extremely loud of course, but great show.


We were going to go to the sold out Mariah Carey show at the Louisville Palace tonight, but decided Deerhunter would be a lot better.


Tomorrow night I’m going to see John Mellencamp, aka Cougar. Roar.


I always thought Mellencamp’s output in the 1990s, such as Whenever We Wanted and Human Wheels, was underrated. Kenny Aronoff did some first-class drumming on those. I lived in Bloomington, IN, for five years, but he wasn’t playing shows at the time. He did bum a smoke off me at an Italian restaurant one time. It was after his heart attack, but he’s still alive, so I stopped feeling bad some years ago.




I love Bloomington. Such a cute town and beautiful college campus.

Ive never seen him and always liked him since I was a kid. He’s playing a theater too and right across the river from Indiana so I’m thinking it’s sold out.

I most want to hear Cherry Bomb.


Lonesome Jubilee is such a great album. I remember listening to this nonstop in high school.

I loved living in Bloomington. I was a grad student there from '94 to '99. We used to go to Louisville to see shows back then.


Enjoy, I saw him many many years ago, but he’ll be great , quality songs for sure !