Live Music Thread


Cherry Bomb? Is that a Runaways cover? I kid, I kid. I grew up on Cougar. Yeah, I still call him Cougar. I used to play my brother’s American Fool record all the time when I was a kid. I ended up scratching it.

Five or six years ago, I picked up a pretty inexpensive box set that compiled remastered versions of all his albums from 1978 to 2012. A very worthwhile purchase. I’d say most of his post 80’s stuff is kind of underrated.

Anyhow…Cherry Bomb is a damn fine song but my favorite song from that album is Check It Out.


all of this.


Sadly the John Mellencamp show was disappointing. The lights go out, the sold out crowd finishes scrambling to their seats, and everyone has this great anticipation of the band walking out on stage… but instead a mini documentary of John’s life begins. Now, if a documentary of john’s life existed, I would gladly watch this, at home on my sofa. I’m at the rock show expecting music and a fun time and this was the ultimate buzz kill. Five minutes in we decided it must be a little intro and the band is on the way, when the screen flashes “1975: Indiana” and we realize this movie is nowhere near the end…

20 plus minutes later, totally annoyed now, after the entire crowd talked through the whole thing, the band finally comes out and goes into song after song that no one knows.

Little gems of 80’s songs everyone came to hear got sprinkled in amongst many quiet songs. It was up and down all night and then the show just ended with the song I wanted to hear most : Cherry Bomb.

I’m glad I got to see him once but this is really not the show I wanted to see, and all 6 in my group agreed. The documentary of his life was very “self-serving” as my friend called it. It put a huge damper on the fun to start off the show. It never really came back from that.

Also, if asked what you thought his biggest song of all time was, would you say Hurt’s So Good? I would. He didn’t play it. I looked back at set lists from this year and he doesn’t ever play it. He also doesn’t do an encore.


Bummer. Sorry to hear you had a bad time at what should have been a fun night out.


We went to see Kim Richey, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Trisha Yearwood in Cincinnati in the 1990s (mainly for the first two). Trisha Yearwood’s set opened with a film, which turned out to be really a lengthy commercial for Discover Card. I just looked around and one review said that “her commercial involvement with her tour sponsor seemed a bit heavy, and she was introduced with a five-minute film as schmaltzy as anything from the Republican National Committee.” Ouch.


I don’t mean to complain and it wasn’t as if i didn’t have any fun… I was just disappointed.


I would be disappointed too.


I’m pretty pleased with this. 3rd year local festival.

Hall and Oates!!!


nathaniel rateliff!


if you call this number (Call & Oates)
you can play any Hall and Oates song you want to hear:

not kidding.


Built To Spill tour: everywhere!



try it!


I went to a concert last night. Blackberry Smoke acoustic. Their acoustic guitars blended together really well. It was billed as an invitation to listen to them playing in their living room.

Very good music, sounding great in a fantastic venue.



Pretty weak I think. And ridiculous how some of these are ranked.


brandi carlile and john craigie alone are enough to get me to go watch a bunch of people drop acid, shit in shitters, trash a field and drunkenly fall into other folks’ tents.


Saw Khruangbin the other night , they were excellent .3 piece surf/phyc guitar tunes with killer grooves .


Craigie will play for 30 minutes and Brandi for an hour. You want to pay $300 and spend 3 days in the sun for an hour and a half of music you care about?


I Just think those Headliners aren’t nearly exciting enough for all the hype. The top rows should be exciting. The Raconteurs would be cool.


I like the fact that there are three of the original Woodstock performers, each day at the first couple days at least.