Live Music Thread


Ethan Johns and the Black Eyed Dogs, last night in Arnhem. Just 30 or 40 people there. Great music, very nice man.


I guess sarcasm doesn’t translate well


Give me a winkie face at least.


i thought the shit in shitters and trash a field and hittin acid might have been that winkie face.



Another nice looking festival coming to Kentucky this summer.


Surprised a few of those names don’t get higher billing. And I have no idea who most of the others are.


Yeah. Lucinda should be in place of Hozier. The Raconteurs just shouldn’t.


Indianapolis is doable for me but on a weeknight it kinda sucks. I may have to though. It’s been too many years since I last saw him…


Mr. Tweedy tonight in Louisville!
Sold out show at a 600 person venue!!


Wow, what a show! He was very funny in addition to sounding awesome. He played way more Wilco songs than I was expecting. The highlight was Ashes of American Flags. I feel very lucky to have seen him in such a small venue. It will never happen again.

Via Chicago (w/harmonica)
Bombs Shove
Bull Black Nova
Some Birds
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Sick Server
New Madrid
Ashes of American Flags
Having Been Is No Way to Be
The Ruling Class
Passenger Side
Heavy Metal Drummer
I’m the Man Who Loves You
Jesus, Etc.
California Stars
I Got You (At the End of the Century)
I’m Always in Love
Don’t Forget


Nice setlist , well done you !


I’m so happy for you, LB! I know how much you love Jeff/Wilco. Remember, it was you who introduced me to Wilco. :sunglasses:
What a great setlist and at such a small venue! :heart_eyes:
Yay you! :muscle:t2::crown:


Good week: I’ve got Isbell with Son Volt opening on Saturday night!


that’s a good year right there! :wink:


For you! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just bought Phosphorescent tickets for June 15th!! :blush::heart:


This was the best I’ve ever heard them sound. He keeps upgrading the equipment and you can really tell. Even loud electric guitars sounded clean and absolutely perfect. Hell of a great show!!!

Isbell 4/20/2019
24 Frames
Hope the High Road
Tour of Duty
Dress Blues
The Life you chose
Last of my Kind
Traveling Alone
White Man’s World
Decoration Day
Speed trap Town
Maybe It’s Time
(Funny stories about his times in the bars in Louisville and opening for MMJ)
Cover Me Up
Never Gonna Change
Flying Over Water
If We Were Vampires


Son Volt was great too. First time seeing them.


Dave Alvin is going on a King of California tour! I just got tickets to see him in Pawling, NY, with Cindy Cashdollar and the next night in Boston with Greg Leisz. Holy lap steel!


The Delines, in an old chocolatemilk factory near Leuven in Belgium. Willy, Amy and the boys were in great form!