Live Music Thread


Did you see the tour with Jimmie Dale Gilmore? Way better than I thought it would be. I hope he brings the KOC to Toronto but I haven’t heard anything. Enjoy.


Any Aaron Lee Tasjan fans here? Saw him a couple of weeks ago. Very good show in a small and very warm venue. Power pop with some guitar jams (he is a very good player) and the piano stuff reminded me of Randy Newman a bit. Worth seeing if he plays a club in your town.


No, I’ve never seen Alvin. I’m really looking forward to the show!


Milk Carton Kids last night. They were great.


Love those guys.


Seeing Kelly Willis tonight.


Yesterday: Mandolin Orange


I just got tickets to see Josh Ritter at The Ryman. It’s a Saturday night end of September and I can’t believe there’s still tickets left. I’m up top near the back but who cares. :heart:


YAY!! Congrats & enjoy!


He’s playing a free show on the waterfront in Louisville the Wednesday before, but it’ll probably be a short set, will be very crowded and if it rains I won’t go. This will be a way better show, plus it’s The Ryman. How could I not??


Dunno if this is the right thread but somebody uploaded a live set by a bunch of country/Americana bands to the traders den:

Marin County Bluegrass Festival April 27-28, 1974 Golden State College, San Rafael, CA - SBD REEL


Wow. I pulled a log in out of the deep recesses of memory and BAM I’m in. It’s been ten years of more since I’ve been there.

And my ratio somehow is terrible–do you have to maintain one there?


Now I’m so curious to try mine.


Off to see Herbie Hancock tonight , pretty bloody excited !


I’m not too sure about how strict they are on their ratio… I’ll grab it and upload it somewhere else…


Thanks–no need to do so on my account. But I very much do appreciate your considering doing that.


Phosphorescent tomorrow. Yay. :heart:



Last night Wilco in Paradiso.