Live Music Thread


Wasn’t there for this night. I was at the show on the 15th… Two shows, two completely different setlists… Reminds me of a certain you know who in better days.


Billy Joel was great last night…




Saw Ian Noe open for Jamestown Revival last night. he was fucking spectacular and so were Jamestown…great show! friday: Blue Sky Green Grass w/ Little Smokies opener


Ian Noe is coming to Louisville soon. Guess you’d suggest I go? Weeknight shows have become more difficult to handle lately. I guess it’s because I’m old.


Wilco Tour Dates!!! :wink::slightly_smiling_face::blush::crazy_face:

Louisville Palace! See you there.


Do you really mean Greensky Bluegrass?

They are from Kalamazoo and excellent!



First time I’m seeing em
I am pumped and so are my wife and friends as I will be the DD tomorrow


Ha I didn’t catch that. They’re fun live. :+1:t2:


Planning on seeing Adam Carroll in Berwyn on Sunday.


This looks fun.


Some excellent opportunity for sit-ins there!!

I know Josh plays Friday night bc I’m seeing him that Saturday night in Nashville.


Been to see Foals a few times recently… Amsterdam (Paradiso), Birmingham and London. Paradiso was the best, obviously. I’d never seen a show there before, but it’s a great venue, and we were close enough to smell the band. Not sure I’d do a run of shows again tho, the singer even repeats the same banter at every show!


We saw Built To Spill last night at Headliners in Louisville. Great show. It’s the 20th Anniversary tour for Keep It Like a Secret and they played the whole album, plus a few extras.


4th of July with Drive-By Truckers. It was billed as “An Evening With DBT” so it was just them - 30 songs in 2 hours and 40 minutes. Show looked like it was over after Angels And Fuselage (they stopped doing the encore routine a few years ago) and I was headed for the exit when I saw a roadie turning amps back on. Patterson walked out and said “We haven’t done an encore in 3 years, but fuck it we are doing one tonight!” Then they played Rockin’ In The Free World. They must have been having a good time. Lots of songs from Southern Rock Opera, a Ramones cover (The KKK Took My Baby Away) and a Van Halen(!) cover (Ain’t Talking 'Bout Love). Might be the best show I’ve seen them do (it was my 13th or 14th time seeing them)


Built To Spill


Death Cab for Cutie tonight. I don’t know too much of their newer music but I love the album Plans and they played a few songs from it. They put on a good show.


Whiskey Myers is playing at Bell’s Beer Garden tonight. A friend offered a free ticket and I declined. I listened to a couple of their songs and they sound OK… I’m afraid old age has its grip on me.


Maybe I will end up going after all.

This is a pretty heavy tune about meth and addiction.


Did you go? Checked out this album after reading your posts, really like it.