Live Music Thread


Yes, I went. It was pretty good. Definitely rock and roll.

The distorted guitar thing got a little tiring after a while, but it was a beautiful night.


Awesome Dougo. Way to get out. Looks like a cool venue.
I’m going out tonight to see some friends play even though I’d rather stay home and watch Stranger Things.


Bell’s Beer Garden is pretty great.

Took me a half an hour in line to get a beer when we first got there… missed pretty much all of the opener… but he was pretty good.


I flew out east to see two Dave Alvin shows–one with Cindy Cashdollar and one with Greg Leisz. He’s playing King of California in its entirety. It’s a great show.


These are from the show with Cindy Cashdollar:


Here’s a full show from the tour: