Live Music Thread





yes! our daughter is there as an exchange student. We’re visiting.




Little Feat at The Louisville Palace tonight. Larry Campbell opened the show and is playing the whole show with Little Feat.


Love the Palace and Larry Campbell.




Best version of Willin’


Nice little set here by Gregory Alan Isakov


Enjoying this, Balv. Thanks.

I passed this on to my friend…

Maybe it will inspire him to follow up on hooking us up for the upcoming show in Detroit.


We saw Ruston Kelly tonight in Louisville. I thought his voice sounded excellent live. I love his voice. His pedal steel player was really awesome too, and he introduced him as TK, also as his father. Really cool. And all for only $15!


And he’s married to Kacey Musgraves!


Yup yup. He’s probably gaining some fans because of that.

I saw him open for Isbell a few years ago at The Palace. He said the only other time he had been to The Palace was to see Jason open for Ryan. I thought that was cool. I was there too.


Saw Allman Betts 2 nights ago but more importantly saw Joanne Shaw Taylor open for them.

Holy… this girl can flat out play. Please check her out…wow


Have been, and holy fuck. Her studio work is incredible. Can only imagine live. Thanks for the heads up.


She’s touring UK early next year, tickets booked.


She is a bad ass! I have some video on my phone but don’t know how to post it. I was blown away


Wilco tonight was fuckinawesome!!!
Man!! More Tomorrow.

Also: Friday: ISAKOV!! :heart: