Live Music Thread



This was so good :slight_smile:




Bill Frisel played the Art Institute tonight. It was sort of the musical equivalent of Bob Dylan lyrics–quoting from all sorts of folk songs. I wasn’t smart enough to get it though.


I don’t usually have the patience to watch and listen to people’s concert footage, but these were worth it for me. Great, great band still at the top of their game.

My favorite show I’ve seen of theirs was the last show on the Ghost Is Born tour in Kalamazoo back in the early oughts. It was basically a victory lap on their way back to Chi-town. The band was having so much fun and held the audience in a spell.


Two nights in a row must have been interesting, was there a ton of overlap?


That was nice you watched them all. This was out The Palace, which has exceptional sound. That helped for phone videos.

This was only one show. Did I get the date wrong on one of the videos?


Right now I’m at a sold out Headliners waiting for Gregory Alan Isakov!! In 12 years of listening to him I’ve only seen him twice and once was as an opener.

This is major for me. So I got here at 7:00 when doors open. Headliners is a big open bar with a very small balcony. They always put one row of chairs along the rail of the balcony, like 18 seats.

I thought we’d walk right in at 7:00 and get them. Instead there’s over 100 people there in the parking lot in line, waiting for the doors to open.

Seems most wanted to be on the floor by the stage, so we ran right up and got two seats!!! Wooooooo!


Have a great time!!


I’m in Stoughton, waiting for Steve Earle to take the stage.


I got a few videos I’ll be sure to upload later for Monkey.




Saw Steve Earle two nights in a row in the Stoughton Opera House, a beautiful small theater south of Madison, WI. Both shows were very good. He played the Last Gunfighter Ballad on the first night and Desperados Waiting for a Train on the second night as tributes to Guy Clark. His bass player of 31 years, Kelly Looney, died recently, and he played Pilgrim as a tribute to him. He also played Fort Worth Blues, his tribute to Townes. Come to think of it, it was kind of a somber affair, but great shows.


Got Slaves coming up soon, loud punky type band. Plus Goldfrapp in March, Darwin Deez in April and Foals in May.


Back in 1996, Steve Earle performed a show in the prison he had been incarcerated in. It was shown on MTV, called To Hell and Back.


Saw The Jayhawks last night. Yeah, they are still around, and always popular here in Toronto so they did 2 packed (and sweltering hot) shows. It was more of a career retrospective which suited me fine. Lots of old faves. With all the stress of late it was good to see an old favourite that can send you home with a smile on your face. Plus, they dedicated Blue to a local DJ who passed away suddenly this year, and who I knew years ago when we were both at a university radio station. Nice of them to remember him. He was a big fan.

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me
The Man Who Loved Life
Stumbling Through the Dark
Take Me With You (When You Go)
Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces
Living in a Bubble
Tampa to Tulsa
Nothing Left to Borrow
Waiting for the Sun
Gonna Be a Darkness
I’d Run Away
All the Right Reasons
Save It for a Rainy Day
I’m Down to My Last Cigarette (Billy Walker cover)
Backwards Women
Settled Down Like Rain
Until You Came Along (Golden Smog )

Bad Time (Grand Funk Railroad cover)


Great band


That looks like a great setlist too.


how cool and how odd that i had just put them on my elk camp playlist…it had been years since i put them on…great setlist.


Saw Andrew Combs with Kirby Brown as support last week in a beautiful little church. Great night, fantastic live (great band he has) and good chat after.