Live Music Thread




But of course:


I just love the title of the article.


I still laugh so hard when I read that.


Right now:


Does not work for me?


Sorry, maybe the direct link to the video doesn’t work. I changed it to a link to the page.


Hayes Carll live right now:


The problem with using for live streams is that they use an algorithm, which deals with delays by speeding up the transmission briefly in order to catch you up. That works fine for speech, but for music, it changes the pitch.

I can’t wait for shows to resume.


We’ve had a few issues. Mostly freezing.


I see Ticketmaster is now trying to weasel out of refunds… figures.

Thank goodness I stopped having anything to do with them years ago. Unfortunately, it meant missing concerts and sporting events because I refused to buy tickets through them.

Or maybe this is bullshit? But it sounds like something they would do.


According to this article, they are refunding things:


I wouldn’t think they could get away with that - not to say they wouldn’t try.


Tomorrow Night:


Josh Ritter’s viewing party had technical difficulties and will be rescheduled.


Live Peter Gabriel!


My all time musical hero.


I’m supposed to be in Nashville tonight seeing Joe Russo’s Almost Dead for the first time. :pensive:

Also, Bourbon & Beyond was canceled today. It’s not til the end of September.

I’m thinking they’re serious when they say I won’t see a show again until 2021.


Todd Snider live this morning at 11am CST: