Live Music Thread


Neal > Ryan on guitar any day.


Just her

My dad has seen most everyone on this list
Including mark knopfler and Stevie ray vaughnn


I feel better now that you confirmed. :+1:t2:

Has your dad seen Prince though?
That was a truly once in a lifetime thing, literally unfortunately.


Would have loved to see Prince. He played at a tiny club here a few years before he died. I actually had a shot at tickets but would need to sell an organ.


although prince is awesomely talented…he’s not for us…music wise.


Today I learned that Balv has something against manlets.


prince’s music never “spoke” to me. sonically or lyrically.


Same here, although this is absolutely brilliant:


Because I was never a Prince fan I was ridiculed by some of my music-loving coworkers. To me that stuff was just dance music and I could never really take it seriously - I know, it is a fault of mine.


Musicology is an excellent Prince album. It’s a tribute to old school funk and soul. It kicks much ass.

And I know I’m alone in saying this but he overplayed that solo.


Next you are going to tell us Prince was a show-off!



I live in Minnesota so you are only permitted to have undying admiration for Prince. I keep my mouth shut about it in real life, but here on the internet I don’t mind telling you he was a misogynistic asshole with an inferiority complex. Massively overrated. For my money I prefer Warren Zevon as a musical genius, transposing Spice Girls songs for 16 piece orchestras. Of course he was a misogynistic asshole too, but at least he was funny. Prince was just pretentious.


I agree. His songwriting is at odds with his riff riff wankery, which is more like Yngwie Malmsteen than any soul or funk player. That ‘diddle diddle diddle’ crap where someone just does repeated pull-offs or hammer-ons is tedious as shit, at least for me.

If I enjoy anything, it’s his songs, not his guitar playing.


Not to speak of lyrical genius. Finishing Touches is the perfect breakup song.


Yes, some of his songs are really good.

Here’s one of my favorites:


Which goes well with


Is this that thing British people call irony? Raspberry Beret was written by Prince and covered by Zevon…


Wait, Alanis Morissette is British?


My favorite break up songs of his were the ones about Tule. The French Inhaler and Tule’s Blues.

The death card always makes me think of that verse in Tule’s Blues.

Oh Tule, now once I was your knight in golden armor, with the sun behind my hair, and my music filled the air with cymbals aligning. Oh, tell me, now can’t you see I’m changing like the seasons? My hair has grown dark, and there’s no room left in the ark for the lark with a broken wing.