Live Music Thread


Billy Strings announced two nights at the end of May in Louisville on the great lawn, where they do the Forecastle festival.

There will be pods of four seats each to keep distance. It’ll be interesting.


From the looks of his IG his crowd is a blast.


I’m looking forward to him coming to Kalamazoo at some point… he’s from just up the road a piece!


Could not get tickets in the presale.

People are just dying for a show. Tomorrow we will try again in the public sale.

We saw him right before the pandemic and he sold out two nights in a 600 person venue in Louisville in a heartbeat.

We also saw him come out with Widespread Panic at The Ryman a few years ago for a set. That was awesome.


We got Friday night and Saturday night tickets for Billy Strings. Pods for four, but GA so you don’t get an assigned pod, just a section. Will be different but I’m excited.

Then a Sunday show was added and quickly sold out We’ve been offered a closer up Sunday pod for four, but I think it’s too much. I don’t love Billy Strings three nights worth.

If it was three nights of My Morning Jacket I’d be in…



Yeah, I’d have a hard time doing three straight days of anybody.


Three nights seated in a theater different than three nights standing outside too.

I’m probably just too old for a three night run. But I’d push it for the right band :slightly_smiling_face:


I did see the Grateful Dead twice in three days back in 1980. Both great shows, and a completely different experience each night. First was a smallish ballroom and the second show was an outdoor shed.


My best run was six shows in 9 days: four Black Crowes shows and two Cardinals shows. All in NYC, including Halloween at The Apollo. :jack_o_lantern:

Would do all again if I could.


I wish I saw GD in 1980.


There was a whole taper section and I was allowed to climb right up on the front of the stage in front of the speakers on one side to take pictures. Nobody cared. I was so close to Brent Mydland that I could hardly keep him in frame with my 135 telephoto lens. It was dangerously loud in front of that frontal speaker though… surprised I didn’t suffer from hearing loss.

The thing I remember most was the beautiful assortment of hippy chicks with long, flowing skirts spinning and dancing all over the outskirts of the floor. It was only about 2/3 full. I had a few friends that didn’t want to go, claiming that they had become Disco Dead, so I went by myself. I loved it and drove 3-hours to Detroit a few days later to see them outdoors.


Nice! I love your stories.


The day has come!!
I have not been to a show since March 9,2020.
Tonight we’re driving up to Indianapolis to see John Moreland play outside in back of the Hi-Fi.

Looks like a patio. Not sure how many it holds but it’s not too many.


This was my 3rd time seeing John Moreland and every time I say it was the best time.

His voice and his lyrics are both powerful and emotional. I started to shed a little tear last night, both at my joy to be at a show again after 14 months, and at the voice I was hearing.

I’d estimate about 300 people there, maybe 250. Everyone stayed spread out enough to feel comfortable.

We drove two hours to Indianapolis, ate dinner, saw the 2 1/2 hour show, and drove back. It felt great even just to take the short road trip.

The opener S.G. Goodman was great too.
I will look for her album and share in the Dropbox.

I got one short video:


He’s a great songwriter for sure. Love his music, and glad you were able to get to a show.


Billy Strings is scheduled to play Grand Rapids, MI three days over New Years. A kind of homecoming it would seem. I signed up for seats when the venue is announced. Looking forward to seeing him perform, even though it seems like forever away.

I’d maybe consider seeing him at Hoxyville in August as well, as I have heard this is a really good “festival”.


Two pretty awesome nights down at Waterfront Park with Billy Strings the last two nights.

Last night was beautiful.


Of course tonight on Night 3, that I didn’t go to, they covered Bird Song, tangled up in blue, Help>Slip>Frankins Tower and encored with Tom Petty’s Time to Move On!!!


Wow, not one repeat that I see in those two shows… or maybe in all three shows? Pretty impressive.

Looks like a beautiful setting too. But all those rat traps???


I don’t notice any repeats on night three as well, and going over that bridge is what I always think of when I think of Louisville.