Live Music Thread


The Railbird festival was a clusterfuck.

Most people didn’t get to see much music bc they spent all day waiting in lines for drinks, food, and water.

It was 90 plus degrees, more with the humidity. You could bring in an empty water bottle only. They set up 2 fill stations for 30,000 people!!!

It was hot AF mid afternoon but we stood out in the sun for Sarah Jarosz. She was really good.

We saw a few songs of Black Pumas but it was too sunny and hot so we hid out in an air conditioned tent for a while. We came back out for Billy Strings and then the main act: My Morning Jacket!!!

We didn’t buy tickets to this. End of August in KY is not a good time to be outside walking around all day. A friend at work gave me free tickets so we went. We did not return for day 2 today.


How was MMJ?


Excellent, as per usual.

It had been a couple years since I had seen them last. The sound was excellent too.


MMJ recently announced a new album coming. They played two songs live on Saturday. One was king of weak until it got to the end and it got nice and jammy.

It seems for me most of their new songs need to grow on me rather than love at first listen.

It was also my first time hearing some songs from The Waterfall part two. Feel You was cool to hear. Classics like Steam Engine and Wordless Chorus are undeniable. Such an excellent live band.

Victory Dance
Off the Record
New song, Lucky to Be Alive
Feel You
I’m Amazed
New song, Had Enough
Spring Among the living
Steam Engine
Wordless Chorus
Touch Me Part 2
One Big Holiday


I hope they play a lot from Waterfall II for our show. Wish we could get familiar with the new stuff beforehand.


I saw the Stones play Japan every time they came here until I moved to Hawaii in 2011.

1990 Steel Wheels, Tokyo Dome

1995 Voodoo Lounge Tour, Tokyo Dome

1998 Bridges to Babylon, Tokyo Dome

2003 Licks Tour, Tokyo Budokan & Tokyo Dome

I was able to get VIP tickets for the Budokan show by contacting the Stones management who had me get in touch with the Stones tour promoters.
I didn’t get the the fan club pre-sale email and by the time I got it the Budokan tickets were sold out and talking with the fan club didn’t get me anywhere so I decided to go straight to the top. It worked.
The Tokyo Dome show I got 3rd row tickets from the fan club.
It was great sitting on the 3rd row, the band was so close! But their stage was so high I could barely see Charlie….

2006 A Bigger Bang Tour, Tokyo Dome x2
VIP tickets for the first show. I contacted my promoter “source” and he took care of the rest.
Also had bought tickets for the Honolulu show but that got cancelled.

Also saw Mick on his solo tour:
1988 Mick Jagger solo tour, Tokyo Dome with Tina Turner as guest

Plus, 2001 The Charlie Watts Tentet, The Blue Note Tokyo :star:
I was telling @dommodkees this the other day…
I got to see Charlie play with his jazz band when they played The Blue note in Tokyo. After their show, as the band was heading backstage, they walked by my table, Charlie being the last one and looking down and avoiding eye contact with the crowd. I was woohoo-ing and clapping and when he walked by me I smiled and said to Charlie, “thank you, Charlie” and he looked up at me and gave me a shy smile back. It was very sweet of him. :blush:


Luckily, you’ll get a longer show for sure. This was a festival so they had just under two hours only.


The worlds greatest rock and roll band.


Yup. :guitar:


I’m getting a bit sentimental about concerts I’ve seen. Here is the handbill, ticket stub and review of one of my favorite shows.



That’s Golden era Tom Waits there.


$6.50. Wow!
We paid $75 in 2000. More than worth it.


I would have loved to see him on that Glitter and Doom tour.

I saw him something like six times, the last one being on the same tour that the live album Big Time was recorded.

I actually saw him twice that year at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor for midnight shows.


Guess it was '99 on the Mule Variations tour. The only other one I caught was the Real Gone tour. I like the grinding Waits the most. Swordfishtrombones on.


Never seen him, and highly unlikely I will now. Shame, as I love his music.


We saw Big Thief tonight.

Really good show. I saw them once as an opener a couple years ago. My BF really likes them. I haven’t listened to their albums but think I will start. The singer has a great voice.

It was the first night of their tour and they sold out Headliners, 600 person venue. It was my first indoor show since we started up again. You had to show vaccination card and wear a mask. It was worth it.


forever and ever. i love to walk out of a bar and put on Shake Your Hips…love how it sounds when i’m leaving and i know everyone left inside is like…holy shit…this is a rad song


You just love to put on shake your hips as you are walking out the door so everybody will remember to check out your ass.



ha! my ass is definitely not worth checking out and i can’t dance to save my life. but i’d dance w/ you dougo!!!



You’ll have better luck Dancing With the Women At The Bar.