Live Music Thread


pretty sure heather would beat the poor snot out of me (rightfully so)…thus and plus…i don’t and can’t dance!


I was playing their music just the other night. Seems like they could really jam it out live.


I fucking love them thanks to egg. Egg, you bastard. I miss you.


Nice. I loved how she at times played acoustic and sang melodies like a Bob Dylan folk song and at other times played electric and sounded dark and alternative.

The band was good but I felt it was really all about her.

Go see them if you get the chance.

Also, I miss egg too.


I really fell in love with her solo stuff. We’ll have to check them out live.


I really like Big Thief too. I think I downloaded one of their albums from the db or something.


Hours Were the Birds. That’s the album. It’s beautiful.


Cool thanks.


Watched this whole show. Definitely outrageous recording and worth watching. My cousin got to see from a few rows back:


Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is streaming live three days in October (1-3):


I have third row seats to see Jason Isbell in December.


I saw him over the summer, and he was great. I, on the other hand, bought multiple tickets for the current Dylan tour today.


Where are you seeing Dylan? I am trying to decide between Louisville and Bloomington, Indiana.

I also bought tickets to see Isbell as a gift for my best man, my brother.


Obviously The Palace is an incredible venue.

I saw Ray LaMontagne at that IU Auditorium. That place was also beautiful, in a more fancy way.

You really can’t go wrong.


I’m seeing Dylan in Milwaukee, Chicago, Louisville, and Philly (x 2). It’s my birthday present to myself. I’m turning 50.

I love the Palace. I saw Dylan there in 1994 and 1995. I also saw Ry-Ry there in 2009. I like the IU Auditorium too. I went to grad school in Bloomington and saw Dylan there a couple of times in the 90s, but I have tickets for another show here on November 7.


I’m getting my booster shot before then! Masks and all.


Good call. My sister caught the Delta variant the first week back in the office despite being vaccinated and she’s having a pretty bad time.


MMJ tonight!!! Woooooo!!!


Yes!! Can’t wait to hear about it.


Man, inky, I saw the setlist. That is one long and lucky show!!

You got two of my all time favorites right here:


Any chance you’re going back tonight? They left some heavy hitting songs off that I can see happening tonight. :heart: