Live Music Thread


Damn. I’m dying right now. We played tonight and got home a little while ago. Considered heading back down because I know what you mean about songs left off. Holy fuck what an amazing night! We can’t stop taking about it. Great great band and so lucky to be in the same room hearing that incredible voice live. The light show was ridiculous.


Right before I saw your message, LB my husband was saying “you know they’re just killing it right now.”


Very nice.
Phone Went West
Steam Engine
Off the Record

You wouldn’t have regretted it. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll be on the lookout for a SBD.


Gah! Wasted, Run thru, wordless chorus. Nah, would not have regretted it. Really glad we got Bermuda Highway.


They do indeed put on a phenomenal show.


Sierra Ferrell yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended if she comes around to your neck of the woods.

I saw two Dylan shows so far. Three more to come. It’s incredible how an 80-year old puts on a show like this.


Real Estate last night:


Courtney Barnett on Tuesday. She’s a god damned rock goddess. Her band is just a trio and they are killer. Incredible show.


Love her.


she opened for ryan on a couple shows…eh?


Too bad she didn’t teach him anything.


I saw her open for Phosphorescent some years back. That was a great combo.


The Justin Townes Earle tribute at the Ryman has been postponed (to 2023). I’m starting to think other concerts will be postponed soon. I’m so sick of this Covid thing.


Me too. I have a feeling everything we have coming up will be canceled too.


Jason Isbell has Covid. The next couple of shows are cancelled/rescheduled. I had tickets for both nights in Louisville, but we were getting a little nervous about the fact that the Palace doesn’t require masks.


Oh no. That sucks.

I wasn’t planning on going to these shows but what a let down.

Louisville has the highest numbers currently since the whole pandemic began.


Just read Louisville got rescheduled to end of January.


Yeah, but I decided to get the refund.


Smart move.


I spent my Jason Isbell refund on Emmylou Harris tickets for the end of the month. The show’s in Chicago, where we have a mask mandate.