Live Music Thread


Dang, John Moreland is going to be here in Phoenix at the Musical Instrument Museum tomorrow night.

Sadly, I won’t be available as we are traveling to see nearby relatives that same day. Would have definitely gone, I love his music.


I bought a bunch of tickets, now that it seems the next phase of the pandemic is behind us. I’m seeing Dylan on San Antonio, Jason Isbell during a work trip out east, and Steve Earle on another work trip in New England. Let’s hope this all happens.


Bought GBV at 9:30 Club in June.


I’m going to see JRAD in April outside Cincinnati and Built to Spill in May in Indianapolis.

Just saw Ray LaMontagne is coming to The Palace. Will be on those tickets this Friday!


Sierra Ferrell is on the tour with Ray LaMontagne. She’s fantastic.


Nice. Never heard of her but will be there for opener. It’s on a Saturday.



Planning for sure two nights in Louisville!
Thinking about Columbus too.


Saw that too. They’re at a great venue here in August!


Today I bought tickets: front row of the balcony, the sweetest spot in The Palace, for Ray LaMontagne. :heart:



So bummed that I don’t live handy to live music anymore. HOWEVER, I do have tickets to High Water festival in April in Charleston and the Centro-Matic shows in Denton in June.


I have a ticket for Drive- By Truckers late in April. First time I ever bought a reserved seat for one of their shows - probably the first time they have been offered. I can’t wait.


DBT are goodness wrapped up in greatness.


Seeing Sierra Ferrell in DC soon.


Anyone else a fan of The Gaslight Anthem? They are back together and going on tour in August/Sept! Last time I saw them feels like a lifetime ago — I still lived in Athens and got to catch them in Atlanta.


12 years ago today I saw perhaps the longest Wilco show ever?? 37 songs!


about 35 songs too long for me.

i tried for years to “be cool” and get into wilco

why can’t i like it? why for me is it just not good sound music or lyrics? i don’t know.

sorry lb
sorry uv


Same here. I tried. I blame Nels Cline, whose guitar work has always struck me as masturbatory.


I love Wilco and i’ve seen them a few times. With Jeff Tweedy though, you either like him or you don’t. There isn’t much middle ground.


Yeah, when the alt-cuntery board was up I gave wilco a go too as well also. I think I bought like 5 albums and recall ending up liking a total of 2 songs.