Live Music Thread


It’s interesting to me that so many of you don’t like Wilco.

They are excellent live.

They are a bit out there and I can see why people might not be into it right away.


Bourbon & Beyond is returning and expanded to 4 days.

I’m not thrilled with the Headliners but lots of people seem to be. Pearl Jam is exciting:


i saw them live. the show couldn’t end fast enough for me.


I’ve seen them too and had fun.
Not my favorite band but a pretty good festival headliner.

Crowded House is exciting for me.


If you cherry-picked you could make one super awesome show.


I know. There are a few each day that will make it worth it
I have been every year and my friends from NJ like to come to town and go too.

I was just hoping for some headliners I loved.
I don’t care about Jack White, Kings of Leon or Alanis. I’ve never heard Greta Van fleet. Brandi doesn’t sway me to go or not go and I’ve seen her before. Chris Stapleton and Doobie Brothers could be Interesting and I’ve never seen either.

There’s 2-3 other acts each day I like. I would have preferred a set that was Isbell with DBT play Decoration Day or The Dirty South in it’s entirety.

And usually there’s more legendary classic rock artists: Robert Plant, Stevie Nicks, Squeeze, ZZ Top at the last few.


One of the best things about this festival is the two stages next to each other. When one band ends the next one starts and you can usually find a spot where you easily see both stages.

They also have a whole chef and cooking stage and have some of the chefs from Top Chef and the Food Network there. I like that part. I don’t drink bourbon.


It seems like a great time. I’d like to see St Vincent, Courtney Barnett, even Yola. Maybe Japanese Breakfast but I don’t know if she has a bunch of good songs or just one.

Greta Van Fleet is a pimply Zeppelin clone. They never should have made it out of the bar circuit, but thanks Boomers. Your work is never done.


DBT are awesome live. They have an incredible catalogue.
I listen to a Cooley song pretty much every day – do not even have to cherry pick – they are all grand.


Yeah Cooley writes great songs. Patterson is a bit more meh.


Could not agree more. Cooley is known to procrastinate, but the quality of the songs he records is nuts, both when it comes to melodies and lyrics. I would be hard-pressed to name even one so-and-so song. When I get my hands on a new DBT album, the first thing I do is listen to Cooley’s tunes. Also love his voice and way of phrasing.

I would say that this is one hell of a play-list:



I also love Cooley’s voice.

I’ve seen them a couple of times but look forward to seeing them in sept.


I think Greta Van Fleet are pretty decent, nothing wrong with something sounding like something else and we won’t be getting new zeppelin songs will we?


I’m planning on going to a Pink Floyd tribute band show this month. Not something I really planned on, but a good friend is coming into town to go so I said i’d join.


i love floyd


Which one?



Ah, cool. My friend is the singer for The Spirit of Pink Floyd. They’re excellent as well.


These historic Wilco photos popped up recently from Club Soda in Kalamazoo back in '95.

I was just being exposed to their music back then and never even remember hearing about it. He said there were only 20-25 people there and it wasn’t a great show.


you forgot this:
sorry kees

I don’t listen to them much anymore but I do have some favorites that I listen to occasionally.

They’re really great see live, though.
And I like Tweedy’s solo shows and had a great time when I saw him in Honolulu.


I see LB already mentioned it…

Another edit:

Hello Rodknee!! :wave::hearts: