Live Music Thread





We decided not to go to Bourbon & Beyond.

There’s just nobody there that I really love and would be excited about. It’s expensive and four days of crazy instead of three days of crazy. Think I’m too old.

I am excited for all this I have coming up:
JRAD Cincinnati 4/28
Built To Spill Indianapolis 5/20
Ray LaMontagne @ The Palace 5/21
Phish Deer Creek 6/3
Phish Deer Creek 6/4
Goose Indy 6/12
Trey Iroquois 6/17
MMJ Iroquois 6/24
MMJ Waterfront 6/25
Tedeschi Trucks/Los Lobos Cincinnati 7/24
Built to Spill Headliners 8/20


I think this is pretty damn good. I’m glad they got past the bar scene or I would have never heard it.

And I just LOVE the video, fucking ace. There’s so little pompous rock left these days, and I just really think this is so much fun.


Just great to my ears and eyes. Nice to see a little youthful glamour back in rock. I’ve missed it.

I’m not saying it’s original but it is entertaining (to me at least :joy:)


Love or hate, what a voice.


No thanks. But these guys, yes.


When it comes to retro style hard rock bands this is my guilty pleasure. Big surprise - they are from Australia …


Another great show from DBT. Played with a lot of energy. Almost no talk between songs. No problems with this setlist.

APR 24 2022
Drive‐By Truckers Setlist
at Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada

Billy Ringo in the Dark
Slow Ride Argument
Santa Fe
Birthday Boy
Women Without Whiskey
Ronnie and Neil
Lookout Mountain
The Driver
Made Up English Oceans
Rosemary With a Bible and a Gun
Sink Hole
Uncle Frank
A Ghost to Most
Goode’s Field Road
Where the Devil Don’t Stay
3 Dimes Down
Play It All Night Long (Warren Zevon cover)
Gravity’s Gone
Let There Be Rock
Zip City
Angels and Fuselage


Seeing Asleep at the Wheel tonight. Brennen Leigh is opening, which I’m even more excited about.


I have liked Asleep at the Wheel for a long time. A big Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys fan too.


I just wish Cindy Cashdollar was still in the band.


Bob Weir came out for Set 2 with Billy Strings at The Ryman last night!


Billy coming to the Zoo!
I’m interested.


I’ve got to see them live.


Built to Spill Friday night
Ray LaMontagne Saturday night.


The good and the bad of the Ray LaMontagne show:


  • He plays the exact same set every night. Maybe his band is new, but this is lame. I get he’s promoting his latest album, but with a big catalog, and with a crowd who goes crazy for any old song, he should mix it up a little.
  • the sound was way too low. I was front row of balcony and the guitar and vocals didn’t carry well upstairs.
  • the crowd was absurd. This was not a Saturday night rock show. This was a sit and listen kind of show. Don’t scream like crazy every time Ray hits a big note, and certainly not while he was speaking. Also, DON’T FUCKING CLAP with the beat!!! thanks.


  • I had the perfect seats. Ray doesn’t come around often and I jump at the chance to see him when he does.
  • Ray’s voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard. For a person to sound that amazing live is just incredible and rare and needs to be said more. Just jaw dropping.
  • he played a few songs I love despite his setlist choices. The crowd went crazy when he played Jolene and Trouble. Such a Simple Thing was the highlight for me.


What a lovely venue


How did you like Sierra Ferrell?


We did not get Sierra Ferrell as the opener. We had another woman whose name I didn’t catch and we didn’t like her much.


Yes, The Louisville Palace is a one of a kind venue! It’s beautiful inside.