Live Music Thread


That’s too bad. It seems she was playing in Pittsburgh instead.


Yeah that’s just gorgeous


Bring it on – and for the love of god, let the tour be accompanied by a BITUSA box.


Is that like a Bento Box?


Pretty much, only more electrified and with sleeveless t-shirts and gym butts in tight jeans.


I’m seeing Steve Earle three times this summer. Jason Isbell twice. Neko Case twice. Robert Earle Keen twice. I’m also seeing the Indigo Girls, Rodney Crowell, Lyle Lovett, and Riddy Arman. Hoping for even more shows this year.


I was looking forward to springsteen next year but if Ireland prices are indicative it’s just a bit too hot for me having already seen him 3 times. Prices are 3 times the last time I saw him.


His daughter needs a new horse.




I had a really cool experience last night at the Phish show in Indiana. Yes, it was still Phish and I still think about half their songs are silly and annoying, while the instrumental parts are pretty incredible and it makes me get the hype.

Since my foot is still not 100% and we were in a crowd of over 20,000 people, we started the long walk out about halfway through the last song. We were outside heading toward the parking lot when Security stopped everyone from crossing the street so the busses could get out.

Four tour busses, one for each member of the band. The crowd was building behind us as the busses approached. First bus, phish bass player sitting up front in the door waving to the fans as he went by. Then 4th bus, keyboard player also sitting by the door waving to the fans as they went by.

I have not experienced that before, especially playing such a huge venue where people aren’t waiting on the street for the band to come out. They literally walked off the stage and were leaving venue less than five minutes later.

Anyway, Phish fans are pretty die hard. Seeing a crowd of so many people hanging on every note and just full of amazement at what this band can do is pretty cool to witness, even if I’m not one of them.


We saw Goose last night.

I believe the hype. They’re pretty incredible.


Huh. Been curious about them.


Saw the black crowes w drivn n crying here in Charleston. Great show. Both bands sounded great.


I saw Jason Isbell with Waxahatchee and Sheryl Crow in DC last week. Amanda Shires joined Jason for the second night, and it really made the show so much better.


Jim James has Covid and both shows in Louisville this weekend are canceled. :cry:


That sucks. I have a ton of tickets for shows through the end of the year, and I am wondering how much of that we’re going to see.


i love ray but i won’t pay to go see him ever again…once was enough for me and when i read how shitty he was to tour with (see brandi carlile) that was enough for me to not go see him…

but yeah, his voice and music is quite delicious on the ears


yes! they’re rad!


This sucks. He sounded so excited right before.


I’m crushed.

I feel bad for the people who traveled here to see two hometown shows.

I’m very hopeful they will be rescheduled.