Live Music Thread


I saw Neko Case in St Louis last night. She opened with a representative of the Missouri Abortion Fund talking about a late term abortion she needed to have and the hoops she had to jump through when it was actually still legal. She got a standing ovation, and Neko and the band were in tears when the show started.


And I was there with my 18 year old daughter, which made it even more poignant.


At an Indigo Girls show. Shortest line for the mens’ room ever.


Lucy Wainwright Roche opened and played this song in response to what all has been going on. It was well received.




Seeing Old Crow Medicine Show and Dwight Yoakam this week. Old Crow’s Blonde on Blonde tribute album is one of my favorites.


Watched this Billy Strings and Trey Anastasio collaboration from last night… Pretty cool.


I just saw John Moreland is playing next Saturday in Madison, IN, like an hour away, so I bought tickets. I’m seeing him in Louisville in October but that is too good to pass up. Venue max capacity is 250!

We’re going to Beyond Van Gogh that afternoon so should make for a pretty awesome Saturday! :sunflower:


Just saw Lyle Lovett and his Large Band. Really great show.


Interesting evening last night seeing John Moreland in Madison, IN.

It’s a really cute, old town with a downtown that is set back in time. The venue was more of a storefront with a small stage, bar, and a couple hundred folding chairs.

John had to walk down the aisle right where we were sitting to get to the stage, which was by the front door.

It was him alone and with an electric guitar. Every other time I’ve seen him it’s been him and another guy both on acoustic guitars.

He also had some sort of drum machine that made beats on some songs.

10 songs in, he was sweating and wiping his face, removed his hat, and just said excuse me and ran out the front door. Soon after the staff followed with a mop, wet towels and water.

It was very hot in there, he was under lights and let’s face it he’s a pretty large guy. His health can’t be great and it makes me worry for him.

They got a fan for the stage and after about 20 minutes he came back. He played about 3 more songs, including an awesome cover of Sheryl Crow’s Strong Enough, and then ran out the front door again.

This time they turned the lights back on and said that was all he could do for tonight.

We left right after and he was sitting on a bench outside with his wife, and the manager of the venue was trying to shield him somewhat.

I was able to thank him for the show and wish him well as we walked by and he graciously thanked us.

I hope he’s ok. He has another show tonight in Indy.

He’s awesome, and the 13-14 songs we got were all great and included a few from his new album coming out this week.


I’m happy to see John Moreland played tonight in Indianapolis and broadcasted a few songs on Instagram.


Norah Jones is coming to Richmond, VA this coming Friday so I jumped at the chance; I’ve always wanted to see her.

One thing I won’t miss about living in VA is that there seems to be seldom a chance to see the musicians I like here. Where I’m moving to in MD in August seems to be closer to a good music scene.


Where in Maryland are you moving?


I’ll be moving to roughly halfway between Baltimore and DC – so Columbia/Laurel/Ellicott City area


I used to hang out in Old Ellicot City some. Very nice area.

I don’t know much about Laurel.

Merriweather Post Pavilion is in Columbia and where I saw all my early concerts.

Between Baltimore and DC you should be covered. Pier 6 is on the water in Baltimore and really nice. The 9:30 Club definitely one of coolest venues in America too. You’re all set!

Good luck with the move and keep us posted!


got my notice for the springsteen verified fan. will be trying tomorrow to get 4 tix in st. paul minn

gonna take all the girls :slight_smile: they’re going for me, but i’m going for them cause i want them to see the boss.


They will thank you later, maybe not today or tomorrow but sometime down the road. They will have a brush with cultural history and their hearts will be touched by a sunbeam after seeing the look on your face watching the stage.



Love old neon.


It’s a great venue, historically. The feet that have been on that stage…