Live Music Thread


I went to this concert back in high school. His band was tremendous. Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter killed it. Then Alice bit the head off.

It was the first show on this tour (actually one of a few kind of “rehearsal shows” leading up to the big tour). All the choreography and stage show elements being dialed in… This tour kind of changed everything about live music and how it is presented.

I guess I was pretty blown away by the whole production… I only shot this one photo.

Also, my classmate painted a portrait of him and they let her go back into the dressing room and give it to him personally. She said there were a LOT of Budweiser cans.


I’m heading to NYC/NJ on Thursday for a quick visit with my best friend. We’re going to see Leon Bridges at Forest Hills Stadium.

She loves him. I don’t know much but like what I’ve heard and enjoyed his set at a festival a few years ago.

Plus I can eat some good pizza and some real bagels!

Flying back to Louisville Saturday afternoon and seeing Built To Spill Saturday night. :star:


I’m seeing Jamie Lin Wilson on the Backroom Lounge in Springfield, IL. Turns out it’s just that. The backroom of a liquor store. There are maybe 15 seats.



My top 5 live rock albums of all time:

Waiting for Columbus - Little Feat
Full House Live - J Geils Band
Live at the Filmore East - The Allman Bros. Band
Live in Europe ‘72 - The Grateful Dead
Live! - Bob Marley & The Wailers


Since you said rock:

Springsteen Live '75-'85
Dylan and the Band Before the flood
Neil Young Live rust
John Hiatt Hiatt comes alive at Budokan?
Steve Earle Shut up and die like an aviator


Never heard that John Hiatt, I’ll have to seek that one out.


It’s from the Perfectly Good Guitar tour. There’s an ACL live album from that tour too that complements that one well. Perfectly Good Guitar was my first Hiatt album. It’s definitely his rock phase.


This was announced today and now I’m in a lottery hoping to score tickets :stuck_out_tongue:

Goose in Cincinnati on NYE and NYE eve!!!


We spent a small fortune but Steve and I are going to Goose for two nights for New Year’s Eve!! We got seats up top so we don’t have to stand in GA with everyone.


that’s awesome :slight_smile:


Got to see Jackson Browne for $10 day of tickets. It was sold out too. We were able to pull up to the rail with an excellent view of his incredible two guitarists. 3 hour show. After a shaky opening song they proceeded to kill it. If you love him at all see him now.


Cool! We’re seeing him on Sunday at Red Rocks, where my youngest is going to college.


One of the best caregorizations of pop star I have ever read: “Sensitive singer-songwriter / wife-beaterJackson B …”


You need to stop reading Ry-ry’s insta.


Nah, that was allmusic. A nefarious line that ages like a good wine.


I’m not sure that you can tell the difference between Ryan’s instagram and other news outlets.


Well, ask Daryl Hannah. Old news, like 90s old. Or just Hollywood gossip. Allegedly, he beat her but who knows. Two different things do not necessary have anything to do with each other. Do not care for anyone of them (Ryan or Jackson) on a personal level.


Is that one of Ryan’s instagram mantras?


That would be postmodernism or chaos theory.