Live Music Thread


Bust out your monocles and tea sets… it’s time to go to the theater…

Definitely not a live music performance but I didn’t think there was much need for starting a live theater thread…

At the end of December my wife and I took our god daughters to see the touring production of Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it was absolutely stellar. Sorkin made some updates which aren’t so much changes as they are leaning into some elements in the story which are kind of glossed over. It was really thought provoking. Through the lens of someone who has lived through the last few years there are elements of the story I missed (or just didn’t understand). While Atticus is still presented as a person of great decency, he is also examined a bit more critically in terms of his hubris, faith in the system, and White savior complex. It is one of the most well-written pieces I have seen in the theater in a really long time.

Richard Thomas (“John Boy” Walton) played Atticus and he was amazing. The woman who played Scout in the 1962, Mary Badham, is also in the cast as Miss. Dubose. Kind of cool that she played both the youngest and oldest character in the story. My only complaint is that some of the accents drifted in and out.

Even if you aren’t a regular fan of live theater, it really is something to behold if you have a chance.


I’m going to Cleveland!

I can’t wait too long to see Goose again but they aren’t coming around me on Spring tour. Closest is Nashville at The Ryman for two nights but that ticket will be crazy expensive. It sold out quickly.

I have never been to the Rock Hall of Fame, so at the end of March we are going to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, the Rock Hall of fame the next day, and got tickets to see Goose at the Agora Theater. Holds 2000.

Cleveland is a five hour drive from Louisville but I’ve never been there for a show. Pretty excited.


I saw Gregory Alan Isakov in Baltimore (at the Baltimore Soundstage) this past Sunday. What an incredible show. The band sounded so amazing (the drummer and multi-instrumentalist in particular), and the sound was really well done; the drums & bass shook your soul, but wasn’t so loud that it blew out your ears. I was in the third row from the stage, dead center. I loved every minute of it; very passionate, vivid energy for me. I can’t believe the last time I saw Isakov was in 2014 (!). Gregory mentioned a new album is coming later this year (!), and they played a new song, which sounded really good. I’m really looking forward to the album.

Something interesting: Gregory had his trusty Gibson Southern/Advanced Jumbo (I totally love that I have a J45, which while not the same as an Advanced Jumbo, it’s in the same family :joy:) , and a Fender. But also a classical guitar – which he played most of the songs on, which I thought was a bit surprising; and now going back to the Evening Machines album, I totally hear it.

I noticed a lot of younger folks out to see him – by younger, I mean probably less than 20, and some with their parents. That was pretty cool!

The Soundstage is a rather tiny venue (I haven’t been before), so it definitely had an intimate feel to it; they played for about and hour and a half, no set opener. They played pretty much everything I hoped to hear; most of what I remember they played is below. The Stable Song featured a ukulele, and Gregory mentioned something about their usual banjo player was out that night; still sounded great. They also played this cool little jam with Gregory singing some rolling melody. I think it was after This Empty Northern Hemisphere.

(double checking with I got most of these right when jotting it down just now haha):

Southern Star
Dark, Dark, Dark (“probably our only happy song, we’ll get it out of the way now”)
San Luis
Master & a Hound
This Empty Northern Hemisphere
She Always Takes It Black (Solo)
Virginia May (solo)
The Stable Song (“we don’t have many radio hits, but they play this at the grocery store near my place”)
Appaloosa Bones (New song)
Big Black Car
Second Chances (“this one’s about fucking up”)

Encore (everyone gathered around a single condenser microphone up front)
Dandelion Wine
Saint Valentine


That’s awesome. I love him and he doesn’t come around this way much. 3 times in the 11 years I’ve lived here.


I’ve got tickets to see him here in Kalamazoo in a week or so on the first.


awesome! have fun!


so happy for you! i bought tickets for my daughter in st. paul and now she has to resell em cause she’s coming home for a mini break…she really misses Montana and her new girlfriend… they just told each other they’re in love <3


Oh that would’ve been cool! I haven’t been to Montana but it does look beautiful – and I get it with new relationships!


@thebalvenie PS glad she’s found someone!


So Danzig did a show of Elvis covers about a year ago. Huh.,Hollywood%20Roosevelt%20Hotel%20in%20Hollywood.


Gregory Alan Isakov at the State theater tonight.
Excellent concert.

Sat way up in the balcony and it still sounded incredible.


That place looks just like The Palace in Louisville.
I think you’ve said the same when I’ve posted pics from The Palace.

Looks beautiful. I really love a seated quiet show sometimes, if people are well behaved and you can actually hear.


review for springsteens opener 2023 tour!!! fucking stoked!


You could have heard a pin drop in there…

Everyone was listening intently.

You could tell they were enjoying themselves onstage.


so cool doug!!! glad you got to see him and glad you enjoyed it


wow! Looks like a beautiful place! Glad you had a great show. I kinda wish I had a seated venue for him, but still was amazing. I agree, looked like the band was having a lot of fun!


Circles Around the Sun are playing at Bell’s here in town tonight. I’ll be missing it. If Neal were there with them I would have blown off the Super Bowl to be there… but I’m not a huge Adam MacDougall fan.


This was announced today! 🥳


I got awesome seats for both nights!!!

At a reasonable price too. $55 plus tm fees.


Bruce and the band were awesome last night!!! I was so happy to be there with my girls!!!