Live Music Thread


Do you ever come up to Duluth? We’d love to come out and have a beer with you and the missus.


Jealous as hell! Both of seeing the ESB making their final rounds and having that kind of quality time with the children – heck, you had the chance of experiencing something that soon will be the stuff of stories and legends together.


Absolutely… looks like a great setlist too.


never been. how far is duluth from msp?


It’s about two hours or so all freeway. We definitely have music here.


i mean it if it happens it happens. i still need to have beers with dougo, ghar, and lb


I went there back after I graduated from high school. We went to boundary waters and did an 88-mile canoe trip. It was a life-changing event for me.

Didn’t bring or have a camera at that point, so all that beauty and those memories are lodged in my brain for eternity.

-also incredible fishing up there I hear… nobody I went with fished, but the only human we saw that whole week was a conservation officer with a bunch of northern’s on his line.




love you to bits inkster. i most def have to have an edible w/ you


My Morning Jacket announced tour dates today!!

I won’t get to go to two shows because the dates overlap with Goose in Louisville. Tough problems I know.

I will get to do Goose-Goose-MMJ for a pretty fantastic weekend! :blush:


no d uck?


ticket presale happens today at 10 so that’s what i’m doing :slight_smile:


i got us two ga pit tickets standing…so stoked :slight_smile:


To see MMJ?

If so, you’ll love the show. Probably Goose too.




I was watching the live stream of the Love Rising concert for trans rights in Tennessee last night. Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires played a few tunes, including Keep on Smiling by Wet Willie.