Lucinda Williams


Is anyone following Lu on Twitter? Did she (or her team) personally thank you in your dms? I got a sweet message, then replied, then got a reply. If it’s her or her people, either way they’re doing a bang up job of this social media thing.


I got a message asking me to stop asking for methamphetamine…


I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. I’m gonna let her peeps know.


Amanda Petrusich strikes again:



This is a great story about the guy who inspired Lake Charles.



That’s a good one.


I have finally gotten around to putting together a playlist with my personal favorites from Mrs Williams jukebox albums (18 songs at the moment). God, she is insanely good here. And her backing band is pure gold (no news there either). Just had to get it out of my system.


I had the opportunity to see Lucinda in Knoxville back on the early 2000’s, but I let it slip away. I had made plans to go out with a couple co-workers that night and we walked by a theater that said Lucinda Williams tonight on the marquee. Rather than ditching that crew and going to the show, I went along with the plans. We did, however catch Robinella and the CC string band at a bar that night. They were excellent, but I regretted not catching Lu.


I just love the way she changes the phrasing on her songs.


This looks like it would be an interesting read.


Finally! Lucinda, Emmylou, and Steve Earle all announced memoirs years ago, and this is the first one with a definite release date.


Probably all three of them wrote during the pandemic when they couldn’t tour. All three strike me as people that might not have had the time to write during a normal touring schedule.