Maria Taylor at SoPas Masonic Lodge


Pretty cool show. Taylor Hollingsworth opened. Also an upcoming singer Charlie Hickey opened and Phoebe Bridgers got up on stage and joined him. She was standing a few feet away from me



I wanted to say something sweet to Phoebe in person but I didn’t know how to word it at the time. I kinda felt guilty being a fan of RA but let her know we have all been critical of his asshole side over the years. I wouldve liked to ask her if she had heard about his relationship with Carrie Hamilton but didnt want to overwhelm or creep her out.

I think I drew a nice parallel between Ryan and Ra the sun god though… haha


I’ve been doing some relevant community art lately as well and everything is coming together beautifully


Glad you restrained yourself. You are right, that would have been creepy to approach her and talk about forum gossip. Also the satanic look is taking away from your message. Otherwise, nice job.


Is Ra Satan? I wondered that but I’d need to study Egypt more

I think Set is satan



Is this the site of the Manson murders?


It’s all included in the tour route