Meade Updates


Anybody still keep up with him? I peek in on his soundcloud and youtube sometimes. Was just enjoying this video, and the accompanying comments. Didn’t realize Meade had openly admitted to being autistic but that’s what’s said under the video and he doesn’t dispute it.


Holy shit! I feel guilty for laughing at this.


Oh gawd I’m losing it. MAGA-meade says Trump’s response to Charlottesville was very presidential. bahah and Baked Alaska might be permanently blind!!!

And this! Oh my god, what is this!?!?!?


The South spawns many monsters


His video on the Liberal agenda in the church is priceless!








Meade’s Book Club could be an animated series, like Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Fox and Friends, but set in a Cracker Barrel with a singing cast of entrees.

A troubadour with just the right amount of tism and southern gentility works his way through conservative books, trying to make sense of a polarized and isolating world. Underneath his flawless skin and gentle cadence is the bubbling rage of an incel with a heart of misunderstood gold

I’d tune in every week.


“This is called Liberal Facism and it was actually written by a jew”

God he’s a piece of shit. Sometimes I want to feel sorry for him, but the nonsense and hate he spews, in his lilting Richmond accent, is just impossible to excuse.


Oh gawd. Of course he loves Ann Coulter. What a fucking rube.


This is the appropriate response, imo.


Dude’s mind has been poisoned so I won’t make too many excuses for him, but he’s admitted he has some form of high functioning autism.


high functioning seems like a stretch



LMAO he has a bird named Donald…