Merry Christmas...


You lovable bunch of weirdos x


Merry Christmas to you all as well!

We are all packed in a Holiday Inn Suite in Ann Arbor with a two-year-old, but happy as clams! My granddaughter Haven is doing well after being finally moved out of PICU and into a “regular” room.

I got what I asked for!


Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:
Enjoy the day off!

I’m just happy for a three day weekend at home. We won’t be seeing anyone but will still be celebrating.

Much love to all. :heart:️


Feliz Navidad to all of you, and happy belated Hanukkah too! Getting my pork in the crock pot for carnitas, so it will be a nice warm meal later.


Merry Christmas and belated Hanukkah to everyone! Hope it’s safe and happy and relaxing! And warm! (it’s 10 deg F in Chicago…)

Enjoy :smile:


Who says you have to be middle aged to enjoy receiving socks for Christmas? Merry Christmas everyone!


I gave socks, with my recently departed cat’s face on them.


I got socks too!


Did you get a guitar???


Technically yes, it arrived Xmas eve, but I bought it for myself.


I got a little Fender ukulele, but I didn’t buy it for myself :slight_smile:


I love the little Fender style headstock on that, and the color!

Ukes are also a great way to get kids into playing.


My daughter got a little watermelon one. :slight_smile:

(To replace the red diamond head one she put her foot through at 4, ahaha)


Amazing! Great picture


Merry Xmas to all of you! For the man who has “everything” (well, I have enough), this is what I end up getting for Xmas:

I don’t eat a lot of sweet stuff, so this should last me at least a few weeks. Hope you all enjoy your food comas.


People that none of us even know bought presents and a hotel for the night for my daughter and her family. The hotel (Doubletree) wrapped the presents and decorated a Christmas tree in the room. There were nice presents for her whole family, it was extremely generous. The whole trip was surreal… but my granddaughter Haven is coming along well at the hospital there in Ann Arbor-even though we still aren’t allowed to see her.



Don’t you just wish you had so much money that you could think of these wonderful, thoughtful things to do for people??


Wow that’s so wonderful! Very touching. Glad to hear things are progressing :slight_smile:


That smile is everything.


We had a work holiday party on Wednesday. There are only three of us here. Two of us are married so our spouses came. We closed a couple hours early and brought out the disco light and played LCD Soundsystem really loudly and ate mushroom chocolates and wore terrible holiday sweaters my coworkers wife bought us all. We danced and ate Indian food. My coworkers wife hit on me. It was pretty crazy for a little work party but it covered all the bases.