Merry Christmas...


That sounds fun!

It’s not really a holiday party without a little bit of scandalous behavior.


Surely there are photocopies of somebody’s arse?


We don’t have a photo copier. We’re a fine art repro place so only high end ass shots here.


i’m late to the thread.

merry christmas ya filthy animals!


They’ve turned her oxygen down to the lowest setting and now started feeding her into her stomach. These are a couple more steps needed before we can start to work towards going home. I’ve almost allowed myself to believe this will all work out as perfectly as we had hoped.

My granddaughter Haven Marie is our miracle.

They are also weening her off morphine with methadone after being sedated for so long she got an addiction.


Hugs to u Dougo
Thank you for keeping us updated


Ah geez. That little angel is a battle warrior. Great to hear of her progress. Thanks for the updates, Dougo.