Michael Caine appreciation thread.






I miss Pushy Tramp and his discussion of Alan Partridge.


Michael Caine is wonderful! :purple_heart:
I liked Michael Caine as Alfred better than Jeremy Irons as Alfred.
Here are two Michael Caine movies I watched recently:


Jack The Ripper. This is a Michael Caine favorite of mine. It was a made for TV movie in 1988. It ran two nights. I re-watched that one this spring.


Will have to check that one out!

And this, too:


Harry brown is excellent



Yes, Michael Caine kicked ass! :muscle:


I believe Michael Caine prefers kicking arse.


Ha! I stand corrected! :bowing_woman::clown_face:


Michael Caine has even been referenced in song.


I love The Graham Norton Show:


Never forget- he was also in Jaws: The Revenge.