Missoula, Montana seems to be in the news often.


I swear I read about something white-trashy happening in Missoula like every fucking week.


because nothing like that ever happens where you live?


They seem to be in the National news often is all I’m saying. Fuck you, Canadia. Eh?


and now today

my oldest goes to school

i think we’re seeing a pattern…where there’s a Foster, there’s a drug den


i feel like it’s pretty recently that it’s been so frequent.

this is a great damn place to live and raise children.

but man…fuck people!


I have no idea who the senators or congressman are in Montana, but most of the U.S. knows who Ted Cruz is and where he’s from.

Go Beto!


Montana is the new Florida.



Florida is God’s waiting room

Montana is the new north dakota


What about the guy who attacked the reporter?


Your level of detail in this query made me google it and find it. I didn’t see this on national news, but I don’t watch MSM.


Lol only watching Info Wars these days?


I’m a big fan of Jimmy Dore. Here’s his YouTube Channel.


I’ve watched some Young Turks and I follow Cenk on Twitter. Basically most of my politics/media news starts on Twitter or podcasts I’ve gotten into recently and then I randomly read NYT or WPost stuff, maybe the Atlantic or Vox as well. Chapo Trap House got me interested in the Democratic Socialists though and that’s probably my main interest right now. I hate Cable TV news but it’s so ubiquitious these days it’s hard to avoid. Any public venue that has a TV seems to have on CNN, Fox or MSN.


Top this.


what about that crazy lady that took a shit a in horton’s and threw it at the cashier?


Shit is getting real here


Real is getting shit there.
Montana my ass.

So kill me sb