Music documentaries and films


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If not, here’s a start.

Coming very soon… it’s about the uncelebrated contribution of native Americans to rock


Very cool!

I’ll look forward to seeing that.

Jesse Ed Davis is a personal guitar hero of mine. Those two first Taj Mahal albums just rocked so hard. His relentless lead guitar was the driving force.


Watch this:


How is it? I’m a big Sam Cooke fan and will watch it, but wife has no interest in it or music docs in general so I have to find the right time. She would rather watch people move furniture or furnish tiny houses.

I wanted to watch it last night, but we watched Russian Doll instead. I’d give that one a B or B-. Yeah, B-. Good acting by Natasha though.


Watching it now!


Is damn good
Too short though


This looks really good. I’ll definitely be checking it out.


The album If I could Only remember My Name needs a proper big ass re-mastering and reissue. That is one of the best albums of the hippy era and a perennial favorite of mine. No idea why it hasn’t gotten a redo yet.


One of my favorites as well.

Not sure I agree about it needing a re-do though. It’s sound and sonic quality stands out among anything released before or since.

I have a great batch of unreleased recordings from those sessions i’ll Try to find for you if you don’t have it already.

Edit: I think they took the Perro sessions down from the Web Archive… but I have it. If you need it I can stuff it in the box.


I’d love to hear any of it. I have a David and the Dorks live show somewhere, but no more of the studio stuff.


I dropped these sudio outtakes in the box.


Many thanks!


This looks great!


I want to see this one as well. Great history of the motor city ROCK AND ROLL scene back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.


Ken Burns’ Country Music.

I’ve been watching it. A lot of the stuff I already knew, but a lot I didn’t. It’s pretty well done, yet kind of predictable just the same.


loved it…i didn’t watch it all…i fell asleep but i really liked it


This David Crosby doc, produced by Cameron Crowe is out on some streaming services and DVD/BlueRay today. Remember My Name.

Great story (and impression) about Coltrane here:



has anyone seen that doc on linda ronstadt?


I’d like to see the Linda Ronstadt one, but I haven’t seen it yet. I saw her at Pine Knob back in 1976 With Bernie Leadon’s band on the bill as well. She was great! At the height of her power at that time in my opinion.

I watched the Joe Cocker documentary on Netflix. It was pretty good.