Music documentaries and films


i wanna watch the LR one this weekend…if i do i’ll report back.


Is that Ronstadt documentary on Netflix? I can’t find it.

We watched Echo in the Canyon.
Not a fan of the performances of the younger crew but the interviews with the old timers were magical. I think the interviews had a sweet tone, probably because of who Jakob is.

This is 100% worth seeing just for the Petty and Crosby interviews.


i saw the echo in the canyon. and completely agree w/ your review. good. but not great.


the LR is on Amazon Prime i think?


Watching Miles Davis - Birth of Cool.



This looks really good, a documentary about the Gibson J45. Hope it eventually comes out in full:




That looks like a great film. I see Rendall and Jim from Heritage guitars along with footage from the plant in Kalamazoo are featured.


Watched the Keith Richards - Under the influence documentary on Netflix last night. It was exceptionally well done in my opinion.

Also reminded me how much I love Gregory Isaac’s music too!


Oh my. Ginger was quite a character.


This was heavenly. I thought her relationship with Emmylou was particularly touching.



loved every second of this.


Yes that was a good doc.

I saw Linda At Pine Knob back in the mid-70’s You’re No Good was a big hit at the time I believe. Great band and high energy show. Bernie Leadon’s band was in support.


I would have loved to be in the same room as that voice.


I’ve been waiting to see it, but it’s not free on any of my streaming services yet. Hopefully soon.


It’s 4 bucks of totally worth it on Amazon prime.


Holy crap… can’t wait for this.




Watched The Bee Gees documentary over the weekend. It was really good.


It’s on my list, good to hear it was enjoyable.