Music documentaries and films


Enjoyed the ZZ Top documentary.


Looking forward to this doc.


This looks really good. On Hulu now, I guess.


Half way through and it’s really fucking great. I haven’t finished yet because I need to give it my full attention.


On my list too for this weekend.


Took a really extended break from work yesterday to watch that film.

I enjoyed it, Questlove did a really good job with it and gave it a purpose. Just as a “musical” documentary, I’m not sure it would be that strong - A lot of the music was just OK in my opinion. The context and historical significance is what makes it definitely worth watching.


I thought the world music was really excellent. Sly too. Stevie was just about to do his greatest work and he was on fire.


Write up from yesterday -


i forgot about this! is this out yet dougo?


I think I’ve seen part one but not part 2 yet.


I’ve been watching the Paul McCartney/Rick Rubin thing on Hulu. It is very good. Kind of hard to believe that after all he’s been through Paul doesn’t come off the least bit like a dick… Just seems like he knows how to walk the line of telling the truth about what went into those recordings and songs without getting too egotistical. I’m sure it is a delicate balance for him.


So it’s a look back at old songs? I was worried it was just some sort of doc to promote some new recording.


No, they have been going back and listening to old songs - mostly Beatles stuff. You know the drill, pull out different tracks on the mixing board etc.

They did discuss a Wings song and I think one that was solo McCartney as well.

I’m only three episodes in, but it is interesting.


The John Prine Oh Boy documentary (part 2) is up!

I feel proud that I purchased In Spite of Ourselves from Oh Boy back in '99, then saw him in concert in 2000 down in Atlanta. One of the best concerts I’ve been to, with Iris DeMent singing duets with him and Richard Thompson as the warm up band!




I have tickets!


I want to go!



Thanks. I’m in. We’re going Wednesday night! :sunflower:


I haven’t been in a movie theater in a long time. This will be a perfect return.