Music Festivals Summer 2018


The Forecastle line up came out this morning. I’m not nearly as disappointed as I was last year. There’s a few bands on there I like, some I like a lot, but I’m not a fan of the headliners. Not sure I’m going to spend the money to go this Summer.


I’d think Isbell would be one of the headliners over Modest Mouse.

I just saw Isbell and The War on Drugs in December.
Would be cool to see again: Kurt vile, Jenny Lewis, father John Misty, Courtney Barnett but none of them worth a $200 ticket. Unless many play on the same day and I can get a single day ticket.


Last year was the first Bourbon and Beyond festival and I know they’re doing that again here in September. The lineup was much better for me last year and we had a lot of fun there. I’m hoping they’ll get a great lineup again.



Looks great!
Will you be interviewing anybody, Kees?

No WWF with you this weekend, I guess! :grin:


Ha, who knows. No interviews lined up, but we might bump into someone backstage…


David Crosby is going to be here in town this Fall and I’m considering going, despite the pricey tix.


My kid is going to Bumbershoot this weekend. I really don’t know any of these acts except SZA. She knows who most of them are though.


This is a weird combination:


Yeah, the whole thing kinda looks like a nightmare.


And then there’s this:



Yeah, they really don’t fit in either.


Wish I had the money to take this trip.